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  ch0pper 03:30 27 Dec 2003

I hope someone can help.

I'm currently doing some research on hyperparathyroidism, and amongst many patient-friendly pages I have come across the website click here.

However, I'm having difficulty in printing off the pages to take to the patient in question - although the site invites me to do so.

The problem is very simple, and I hope simple to resolve.

I am using a HP DJ2225 printer and the far right-hand side of all the text is not printed. It's as though the paper isn't wide enough and I'm losing a couple of words.

I'll assume that I'm being simply stupid and haven't got the printer set up properly, but I can't for the life of me see how I can make the porper adjustments.

I desperately need to get all the info I find printed off so that the patient I'm helping (not myself) can go better informed and armed to the meeting with her consultant.

  johnnyrocker 06:44 27 Dec 2003

it is a copyright matter a lot of sites do this if you can print other site pages properly printer settings are ok, i would suggest trying opening a word doc then select print scrn and paste into to word doc see if that helps.


  ch0pper 07:00 27 Dec 2003

thanks .. but the website click here specifically tells you to print pages off. it just seem that I get everything BAR the last inch or so of thepage.

That;'s what makes me think it's a printer set up issue

  johnnyrocker 07:22 27 Dec 2003

can you print from other sites ok cos i still feel this to be th prob (despite the invite to print)


  Djohn 07:28 27 Dec 2003

Not a copyright issue. Most printers will not print the last few lines to the right of some web pages due to the fact of 2 things.

1) the web page is set to display a lower resolution to suit more displays IE 800x600 and will not print fully as displayed on a monitor that is set to a higher resolution.

2) the margins of your printer are set to large. Go into "Page setup" and reduce the side margins to .5 this may help, if not then set your page to landscape instead of portrait and it should now print that last few lines on the right.

Some websites are more aware of this and on the page they offer a "Print friendly" version of the display. j.

  johnnyrocker 07:30 27 Dec 2003

mornin dj interesting points.


  Djohn 07:42 27 Dec 2003

Morning johnny. Yep! this is a long standing problem with most printers/websites. It's to do with the way the webpage is optimised for display rather than printing. I have a Canon printer that places it's own print Icon on the IE tool bar and if you click on it then it will scale the page to print fully.

Below is a short description from the Canon help file.


Welcome to Canon Easy-WebPrint, a plug-in for Microsoft Internet Explorer 5.5
and 6.0. Canon Easy-WebPrint places a toolbar on the Internet Explorer window to
enable print-outs that are scaled to fit completely inside the page, rather than
being cut off along the right-hand side.

  ch0pper 07:49 27 Dec 2003

Regrettably, Djohn, I'm using an HP printer, not a Canon one <wonders if the HP can emulate the Canon?>

I have, as suggested, selected the printer to print landscape and also reduced the margins. I now have full printing but in an awkward format.

It is odd that some webpages do seem to scale themselves automatically for A4 paper, whilst others do not.

Now I know the answer!

Many thanx.

  Derek 07:51 27 Dec 2003

Is Djohn a Prof, if not he ought to be.

  Pesala 08:29 27 Dec 2003

If you use Opera, you can scale any webpage down to fit the paper and use Print Preview to see if it is going to fit.

  matt45 09:39 27 Dec 2003

Simply highlight the text you want to print, then copy and paste it into Word. Then you can print it off in any format you want - ie. not landscape.

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