Printing Web Pages & EMails

  Belfix 09:49 02 Apr 2006

when printing emails and web pages the sheet is printed over to the right of the page and therefore some words are missing -A simple one this (I must be simple)...what setting(s) do I need to change to get it all printed ok

  DieSse 09:58 02 Apr 2006

Look for a "fit to page" box in the printer properties somewhere. Where can vary according to printer make and model.

  johnnyrocker 10:21 02 Apr 2006

set up page with no margins should solve prob.


  jakimo 10:24 02 Apr 2006

Or highlight the section you want to print & click on selection in the printer options

  palinka 10:40 02 Apr 2006

this problem comes up quite often in this forum. if it's emails that are affected, try printing in Landscape instead of Portrait.

Or, better still, highlight the email, right click and choose copy then open a new Word page (or Wordpad or prog of your choice) and click Paste. Now ypu can print it like any other Doc and if you want to you can leave out all the bits that you don't need in a printed copy.

  keef66 12:49 03 Apr 2006

I have a canon printer which came with 'easy web print' software, which does it all automatically; whatever's on the screen, it fits it on the page for you. Bloomin' marvellous.

  terryf 13:16 03 Apr 2006

me too

  Belfix 07:31 06 Apr 2006

Thanks Guys for replying to my posting.
My Printer Epson CX6600 does not appear to have a "fit to page" option - unless I'm blind.I will try some of the other suggestions.

  Belfix 07:41 06 Apr 2006

Got It....Print, Preferences, Page Layout, Reduce/Enlarge Document and then tick By Output Paper Size (which then defaults to 97%).
So I was blind
Thanks all

  terryf 12:47 06 Apr 2006

No, not blind, you would think that the printer driver software 'designers' would put 'fit to page' as a default setting, but perhaps they have never actually been in the real world, probably use a networked laser printer in their office and wouldn't lower themselves to test out working with an ink-jet printer

  squillary 16:50 06 Apr 2006

I've never had a problem with printing Emails, but always have one with printing web pages. I've tried only selecting one frame and often end up reverting to Landscape printing, but I've never seen any option to scale-to-fit. This applies when using drivers to Epsons, Lexmarks, HPs, inkjet, B&W or Colour laser.

I think I'm having a particularly thick day today. Apologies in advance.

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