printing web page problem after switching isp

  adam1229 13:07 08 Oct 2008

I have recently switched from AOL to Tiscali, but when i try to print pages from the web, i just get nonsense! I am using a router supplied by Tiscali and windows XP operating system.
Any ideas?

  Pesala 12:18 10 Oct 2008

I find it hard to believe that this kind of problem could be caused by a change in ISP. It sounds more like a browser or printer problem. What browser and printer are you using?

  adam1229 14:07 10 Oct 2008

I am using I.E and an HP all in one printer. when we were with AOL we had no problems. then we switched to Tiscali...I forgot, we also switched our telephone line from BT to Tiscali!! forgot that bit.
Whenever we try and print stuff from the internet, we just get pages of character strings comprising letters and symbols.
i have run diagnostic software for the printer, but still no luck. i guess it could be more to do with changing my phone provider, but I really have no idea what to do??

  Pesala 19:04 10 Oct 2008

I presume that your printer is still working from Word etc.

It is certainly a puzzle, but there are several work-arounds you could try. The root cause of the problem may become clearer if you take a roundabout route.

Print to a PDF printer driver, then print from Adobe Reader.

Capture a screen shot with FastStone Capture click here and print from that.

  Pesala 19:05 10 Oct 2008

Install an alternate browser such as Opera or Firefox and print from there.

  adam1229 18:13 13 Oct 2008

Thanks for the reply. not quite sure how to print a web page/screen to a PDF driver but I will try anything once!
I might have to install another browser, but i just don't understand how it all went wrong, am i really the only one to have had this problem!?
Thanks again.. anyone else out there had a similar problem?

  Rahere 18:24 13 Oct 2008

Very unlikely to be a change of ISP that has done this.

Could be a browser setting I guess - Check print preview before you print is this OK?

Also the printer directly attached to the PC or are you printing via a network?

Best bet is to down load newest drivers, uninstall drivers, shut down, disconnect printer, reboot close down, install drivers as recommended by manufacturer (usually install drivers before connecting the printer but it varies)

  adam1229 10:30 18 Oct 2008

Rahere, thanks for your response.
My HP all in one printer is connected directly to the PC and has the latest drivers installed. i have no probs printing other docs (Word etc)just internet pages. i tried to print preview your response, but again, even the preview showed pages (10 in all) of lines and symbols. it looks like any web page i try to print gets converted into "code" as opposed to how it actually appears on screen.
Tiscali have been no help, they just referred me to the manufacturer of my PC/Printer! Not very helpful!
Any ideas, as I haven't got a clue at the moment, and its causing the family all sorts of problems!!

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