Printing from web - colours problem

  bpzoom 12:58 02 Jul 2004

I sometimes print an image from a web site by right clicking the picture and then print. Can anyone tell me why the printed colours are quite different from those seen on the screen? Typically, green is always a purple when printed. Aside from the possibility of printer ink malfunction, I use Epson compatibles, is there a recommended way apart from my method to print web images please? I have tried saving to disk but the resulting file type is .ART which does not seem to be liked by any of my image management programmes. I would appreciate any advice.

  sil_ver 13:10 02 Jul 2004

have you tried right-clicking on the image and then select the 'Save picture as' option.

  stlucia 13:14 02 Jul 2004

You don't say, but presumably printing from your PC normally comes out OK?

  bpzoom 16:02 02 Jul 2004

Sil_ver, thanks yes I forgot I had previously done this and saved as TIFF and others.
stlucia, The colour function works perfectly well when I choose a different colour e.g. printing in Word, the colours are fine. Green text is green and blue is blue. When I scan an image the green becomes blue on the print. The same transition of green to blue happens when I print direct from the web. My scanner is a new one and the scanned images on the screen look exactly as they should with the correct colours.But the colours change when I print. It makes no difference if I scan to an imaging programme, to an ordinary file or direct to the printer.

  stlucia 16:15 02 Jul 2004

Your scanner doesn't seem to be the cause, because you have the problem with downloaded pics from the web.

But, since you say the colour of Word text comes out okay, have you tried placing any of those pics into Word, and printing it from there? If that's okay, the problem is likely to be with the default program (unlikely to be Word) which is sending your pictures to the printer.

  bpzoom 19:15 02 Jul 2004

St Lucia, I did what you said and pasted an image with some green subjects into a Word document. I added word text and changed that to green and printed. The Word text was in green OK but the green subjects on the pasted image turned out blue ! The default programme you mention presumably is in the Canon scanner bundled software? Or should I look to find it sonewhere else? The print commands of course lie within the Canon scanner software. Maybe there is conflict/incompatibility between the the scanner which is a Canoscan 3200F and the printer an Epson Stylus C80.

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