Printing problem

  cruiser2 18:07 26 Nov 2009

Have an Epson SX600FW printer/copier/scanner. Have replaced ink cartridges which are showing full both on the printer and on the computer. Have windows vista home premium as my OS
Have done the head clean and other maintenace programmes.
But it will not print correctly, either just black or colour. This problem has only just started.
What can I do to correct the fault.

  mooly 18:11 26 Nov 2009

Were they original cartridges ? or did the problem start with cartridges that were in use and OK ?

  sharpamat 10:00 27 Nov 2009

Silly question did you take the little tab off the cartridges

  [email protected] 10:10 27 Nov 2009

Try reloading the driver

  cruiser2 17:32 27 Nov 2009

Thank you mooly, sharpamat and oldal1,
After going through the maintenance checks yet again, having installed a new set of Epson cartridges, I decided to take it back to PC World this afternoon. They ran several tests but it was still not printing correctly.
So I am now the owner of yet another printer replacing free of charge the other one. This is an Epson Office BX300F which is the same spec but does not have the large window to what is happening.
So hopefully I can now continue printing

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