printing pictures

  pac73 22:41 14 Feb 2006

How do you change the size of the pictures youve got on your computer,and then how do you print the changed pictures.ive tried zooming in then saving,but when i print them,there normal size.

  Belatucadrus 23:03 14 Feb 2006

click here try this.

  anchor 09:52 15 Feb 2006

Most photo programmes, (eg: Paint Shop Pro or Photoshop Elements), allow you to change the size of the original picture; either smaller or larger.

The free Picasa also enables you to do this:

"Picasa automatically fits your pictures perfectly onto the expensive paper used by your home printer. It is finally easy to print wallets, 4×6, 5×7, full pages, more sizes and even more than one picture on a page".

click here

  Totally-braindead 10:23 15 Feb 2006

Agree with anchor Picassa is good, especially for a FREE program.

  fazer 12:59 15 Feb 2006

If you only want to re-size an image then paste them onto a Word document then re-size them as you would any other clip art image - then print.

Very simple and saves you downloading anything !

  skidzy 13:05 15 Feb 2006

I too recommend the Google Picassa 2....Very handy,especially as its free.

FAZER...Handy tip,will try that also.

  pac73 23:12 15 Feb 2006

fazer,how do you do that.and can you print the resized pictures.what it is,i scanned an old photo from years ago,but its really small.i want to make it alot bigger,then print it.

  pac73 23:15 15 Feb 2006

i tried picasa2 but it didnt must be really new to computers,and i am learning all the time.i hate asking all these questions.

  CHAIRLEG 23:35 15 Feb 2006

Select your photo in picasa and click hold in picture tray click print and then you get your options to pick your size.If you have A4 sheet in you can put more than 1 photo on a page or whatever you want.Hope this makes sense.

  pac73 01:59 16 Feb 2006

Thanks for replying charlie,but the picture stays the same.I want a program that will let me change the size of the picture,then print that changed picture.the picture im trying to change is about the same dimensions as a cigarette packet.I want to fill an a4 piece of paper with that picture.

  fazer 13:07 16 Feb 2006


Re-sizing an image the size of a cigarette packet to A4 size is not going to happen unless its native resolution (the resoultion that is was scanned at) is very high.

Resolution is a very complex subject but to illustrate the issue in this case, the analogy would be a piece of intricate lace where the fine stitching are the pixels. Imagine then what would happen if you stretched such a piece of lace measuring 10cm x 6cm (cig. packet) to 21cm x 30cm (A4)- the stitching would stretch and you would lose that intricate detail. In fact it would be completly distorted with no discernable pattern at all - same with pixels. Stretch an image too much and the gaps between the pixels become so wide that you end up with a blur or a totally undiscernable image.

Some high end photosuites can replicate pixels so that any re-sizing does not result in any discernable loss of detail. However, there are limits and when I state high end I'm talking about Photoshop for example - £450 plus!

The only thing I can suggest therefore is that you get the image re-scanned at a very high resolution (at least 250 pixels/inch). You then have that extra "capacity" to play with.

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