Printing Photoes

  gudda96 16:08 09 Jun 2003

To print more than 1 photo on an A4 sheet, I am told Epson Photoquicker is good and a free d/l but I cannot find it on their site or other sites free, anyone know where??

The other prog I am told is good is PaperSaver which I have d/l but a bit stuck on, can anyone help.

  cdb 16:57 09 Jun 2003

I'm not sure if it's part of the HP software, but my printing wizard lets you print several choices on an A4 sheet from 1 big print to lost of little ones. You can select whether to use the same print only or use different ones. Check your printing wizard options next time it pops up. I'm on windows xp. and hp dj1220c

  GroupFC 17:04 09 Jun 2003

I am not sure but I thing that is using the photo printing facility in-built to XP, and I don't think that there was such a thing in earlier windows versions,so if gudda96 doesn't have XP.........?

  wicked willy 17:06 09 Jun 2003

Hi there I Have been using Jpeg printer and you can choose 2x a4 4x a4 And in multipules and her is the adress .go to [email protected] hope that you enjoy the program Bill.

  mole44 17:06 09 Jun 2003

mmm,try using word you can import pics size them them print them as usual,see easy sorted.try like me lateral thinking.

  wicked willy 17:26 09 Jun 2003

Hi Gudda96 Sorry I gave you the E-Mail address when it should have been go to click here you can import the photos as long as they are in JPeg form Bill

  Pesala 17:36 09 Jun 2003

Seems to be packaged with Epson Photo 825 and probably other Photo Printers. Probably not available legally as a free software.

Try using Serif Page Plus 5.0. That is availabe free from click here. There are many advantage to using DTP software for this job. You can add lines and captions, drop shadows and borders. You can rotate graphics to any angle, etc., to create a montage. It allows you precise control over size and position with snap to guidelines.

  gudda96 13:27 10 Jun 2003

Thanks gang for answers....

Bill, I have installed JPEG Easy and will try later and Mole, I will try your suggestion also.

BTW I use W98SE and I have Epson C20 UK which I think is the cheapest but it does me.

  mikef™ 13:39 10 Jun 2003

A decent program that does multiple prints on one page and in as many combinations that you can imagine is click here and this version is free, I use the updated version myself.

  pj123 15:25 10 Jun 2003

Go to click here and select Download Library, then, in Select Product select Ink Jet Printer, in Select Model select Stylus Photo 895 in Operating System select your O/S. click on Search, Under Utility you should find Photoquicker the latest version is 3.2. Download. and run the .exe file. Be aware that if you do not have the Epson Printer "Print Image Matching" will not be available. But for all that I have used this on many different printers and the results are very good.

  pj123 15:42 10 Jun 2003

The download file is 7.5mbs. If you want you can email me your address and I will post you a CD with it on.

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