Printing Lottery Tickets

  daba 23:14 05 Mar 2004

If anyone wants an Excel file that prints (onto plain paper) UK lotto entry tickets that will scan through the Camelot machines, mail me and I will oblige. (199Kb file).

It includes both the old style and new style tickets, but both still work in the machines.

If nothing else it causes some raised eyebrows at the newsagents (one even accused me of cheating !, yeah right, wish !!)

  kinger 23:16 05 Mar 2004

Have you got a computer program that forcasts correct winning numbers?

  VoG II 23:29 05 Mar 2004

I'd like a look just to see how you've done it please. I gave up on this gambling some time ago. I'll click your envelope...

  daba 23:37 05 Mar 2004

Actually yes, I could modify the file to do it for you, and print out the tickets ready to take to the lottery shop.

I'll even guarantee jackpot win, 5 balls + bonus ball, hundreds of 5 ball wins, thousands of 4 ball wins, and pots of alleged "tenners".

Unfortunately the perm costs £13,983,816 to put on, and a huge physical effort by a team of people, over hundreds of hours !!!

  daba 23:42 05 Mar 2004

VoG, it's nothing special, just some suitable row/column sizes etc., and a front-end
for input of numbers.

It all worked OK with last printer (Xerox M750), and OK too with new one (Epson Stylus Photo 830U).

Soon as I see your e-mail its on its way...

Everyone, it isn't a 'finished' piece of work, just something I was playing with, don't expect too much....

  VoG II 23:52 05 Mar 2004

Yes but very clever.

  daba 00:04 06 Mar 2004

Thank you, you are too kind.

Actually if you compare the printout to an actual Camelot entry ticket, you will see that they don't match up anywhere near exact.

When I did it I assumed several things.

1. the machines had to be built to a modest budget, bearing in mind how many had to be produced.

2. the feed speed of the ticket would therefore be variable, depending on several factors, e.g. age of machine (total usage), wear and tear, cleanliness of the machine feed mechanism, quality of the mechanical components used to build them, even temperature in the shop could affect this.

3. therefore it didn't matter if the linear synchronisation wasn't perfect, but what was important was the row of sync pulse blobs on the edge.

4. the entries are made by peoples 'scribbles' with a biro, so it probably didn't matter if the blob widths were spot on.

5. therefore it was only necessary to space the verticals to get the correct 'cut-line' size for the finished article.

I think the code for decoding the blob readings, bearing in mind there are variants in the ticket styles, and that they can go through either way round, is far more clever than what I achieved in a few hours work.


  daba 00:09 06 Mar 2004

Next step is to try to print a long ticket (plotter job) with 25 entries on it (not 7) for a syndicate, just to see if the decoder will accept it (my guess is it will think it's a misfeed or 'noise' and reject it as the proper job only allows 7), although it would be nice for our works syndicate entry to feed 1 piece of paper through.

  Yabadaba 00:38 06 Mar 2004

Where do I send my £13.983.816.
Oh god the wife has caught me!
sorry doll i am only signing up for £.013.983.816.
Nice one daba.

  larry48 10:58 06 Mar 2004

Why not just enter online,like I do? You don't have to go to the shop at all then. And you can print your ticket(s) off if you want to.

  daba 21:05 14 Mar 2004

you want the file ?

I haven't seen your e-mail if you did....

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