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  Cara2 22:31 17 Nov 2006

Not very technical, sorry! But..can you help?

I am trying to print labels to save time. However, it is taking me far longer to set them up than to actually write the darn things.

Try as I might I cannot get the addresses perfectly lined up with the labels.

I am using Microsoft outlook, and doing a 'mail merge' and then printing them up via Word.

I am imputing the correct label size but still get some addresses spreading over more than one label. They look okay on the screen.

Any ideas?



  VoG II 22:37 17 Nov 2006
  Cara2 00:56 18 Nov 2006

Thanks VoG, that looks just the job.

Will give it a go tomorrow when, hopefully, I will have my brainy head on!


  bruno 08:58 18 Nov 2006

Thanks for that.I have experienced the same problem as Cara2,I will give that wizard a go.

  linden 09:22 18 Nov 2006

I am very often asked this question, especially before Christmas card time !!

Sometimes the label size is correct - you have followed the wizard in Word XP to mail merge - and still the addresses start to overlap the label as they print down the page. We have found that the PRINTER can be critical. one printer works and another does not !!
Remedy. Measure EXACTLY the drop on a printed sheet ( always try on plain papaer ) from the top of one address to the top of the next. Go to the label list as you go through the wizard. Choose Custom. Use all the existing measurements as your chosen Label except the drop ( vertical pitch not depth of label ). Change this to your measurement. Give your custom label a name. Print a sample. I usually use Avery Standard J8162, but it is possible to use this system with other makes.

Hope this helps.

  Greengage 10:32 18 Nov 2006

Ironically, I was having the same problem when using Avery - I now use Decadry click here.

  lisa02 11:18 18 Nov 2006

I just print straight onto the envelopes.

  bruno 08:37 19 Nov 2006

I was having this problem with Avery and Focus software using Decedry business cards and I got over it in the first place using Lindens method of using Custom.Then I went onto Decadry website and they have quite a few free templates for various things.Great results first time.

  Curio 16:40 19 Nov 2006

Had a dedicated label printer (Brother) as a gift. Solved all my Label problems at a stroke.

  Cara2 21:16 26 Nov 2006

Still not sussed this one out!!

Okay, I find the avery/Decadry download very complicated (just me I am sure), so I am trying to crack the problem using the existing method on outlook/word/merge.

As far as customising a label it seems that say, in a row of 6 labels downwards, the first 3 rows print perfectly - but thereon addresses stray onto other labels.

Why is this? I could kind of understand if they were all miss-aligned, but this is not the case.

Any more ideas?


  Woolwell 21:26 26 Nov 2006

When setting up labels you have to use one of the pre-set label sizes or go into customise. It's important that you get the margins right and the gap between labels right. When you purchase a set of labels it will have a template listing the margins and gaps in between and lable size.

I use labels for my Christmas cards and have done so for many years. The labels also serve as my check off list.

Keep persevering as it's worth it in the long run.

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