Printing an Excel spreadsheet 2 sheets to a page

  Wessie 14:12 22 Nov 2005

I am trying to print an excel spread sheet to a RICOH Aficio 2045 printer and I want to print two pages to a sheet unfortunately everytime I print it prints one page to a sheet. I have tried with other excel spreadsheets but the samething happens. I can however print two pages to a sheet when printing documents and emails and this does print two pages to a sheet. Is there a work around for this?

  TonyV 14:45 22 Nov 2005

I've just tried to do what you are after and managed to do it fine. Excel 2000.

I selected the Print Area, then went in to Print and clicked the Printer Properties. Then Features/Multiple Pages per sheet, selected 2. Then check the HP Preview. (I use a HP930C). Click OK and OK to print. The HP preview will come up and there is the 2 pages per sheet!

It is conceivable that there are similar details in the properties for your Printer.



  TonyV 14:48 22 Nov 2005

The same basic operations work as well for an EPSON Stylus Photo R300. So maybe the Ricoh will do it.



  Wessie 14:55 22 Nov 2005

Thanks Tony V for your feedback I have set the print area and gone into properties to select two pages to a sheet but unfortunately it still prints out one page per sheet. Could it be possible that the printer is not capable of printing two pages to a sheet for excel?

  TonyV 15:09 22 Nov 2005

When I went in to the normal Print Preview on my Printers, it was showing 1 page per sheet, but, when I put on the HP or Epson preview, it was showing the 2 pages per sheet. Have you got the facility to see a print preview before the Ricoh physically prints? Again, there should be a check box in the Printer Properties window.

Have fun!


  Simsy 17:01 22 Nov 2005

Fineprint at click here

This will enable you to do what you want. The trial is not time limited, but puts a small advert in a "footer" on each sheet.



  csqwared 17:49 22 Nov 2005

going to View and tick "page Break Preview" - this shows solid blue lines for the edge of each page and also displays page numbers on the sheet. By dragging the blue lines you can alter what is printed to a page. When you drag the solid blue lines, a dotted one appears to show the edges between pages. You can also drag these to alter where the page finishes. You can also go into File/Page Setup and select the page tab. In that window there is an option to adjust the image sige by %age. This will enable more than one sheet to a page. Adjusting margins etc. in the same Page Setup area can also have an effect.

Hope you can follow that.


  palinka 18:13 22 Nov 2005

I imagins that if you follow csqwared's instructions you will then be able to go File>print and find an option to say how many pages per sheet of paper - as you get if you print 2 pages per sheet from a Word doc . I use Word a lot and often print out like that; my husband uses Excel a lot and he can't offer any solution to Wessie's problem, but csqwared's sounds a likely solution and he's going to try iot out..

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