Printing from Excel

  Gary Wood 21:18 23 Aug 2006

I have a spreadsheet which I need to print, but it is too wide to fit on A4, even in landscape orientation.

If I use page scaling to make it fit, the print is too small to see.

Is there any way that I can get Excel to format the information for printing, in a similar way to using reports from Access?

  johnnyrocker 23:46 23 Aug 2006

how about print page set up and if needed print a couple of pages or is this not possible?


  VoG II 11:16 24 Aug 2006

View > Page break preview and adjust to suit.

File > Page setup, Sheet tab and set rows and columns to repeat so that each printed page has the headers.

  Noldi 11:35 24 Aug 2006

If the print is to small when you scale this to A4 Landscape then does not mater what you do you need to lose some colmns by hiding them or reducing the width. Maybe your headers are keeping the columns to wide so you could Format the orentation of yor headers to 90 Deg.
I presume A3 is out of the question.


  silverous 15:33 24 Aug 2006

I get asked this a lot, sometimes people want to beat physics/biology by getting more information on to a sheet of A4 than you can without making it unreadable.

Generally if you make sure your columns are just big enough for their content and size to fit a page that is the best you are going to see.

  Gary Wood 21:23 25 Aug 2006

Thanks for the replies.

To clarify, I wasn't trying to fit more information across the page than was physically possible at a size which was readable.

What I wanted to do was to get Excel to present the information in a different format which was more suitable for the paper it was being output onto than having each "record" across a row.

To get around the problem I imported the Spreadsheet into Access and then used it's report feature to create a report of the data. This meant that each row from the spreadsheet took up more than one row on the final page, e.g. I have First Name, Surname, Title on the first row, then Addresss, Telephone on row 2 etc. Each record is then separated from the next by a line.

I hope this makes sense and may be a workable solution for others with the same problem.

It's just a pitty such functionality couldn't be available in Excel without needing to export to Access.

  silverous 22:24 26 Aug 2006

Excel isn't really designed for printing 'reports' from rows of data, it's a calculation engine. Access is the right tool for the job.

You could have achieved something similar with formulas on a second sheet extracting data from the first but it seems a lot of faff when access does such a good job and it is easy to move data between the two.

  VoG II 23:11 26 Aug 2006

Please see my post at Thu, 24/08/[email protected]:16.

It is perfectly possible to print loads of stuff from Excel if you will accept that it can't all fit on one page. If it won't fit on one page from Excel how the flip is it going to fit on one page from Access?

  silverous 23:29 26 Aug 2006

Vog - the problem is he doesn't want

Row 1
Row 2

He wants:

Bits of Row1 here
Bits of Row1 here
Bits of Row1 here

Like an access report would i.e. his source data is in a different configuration to his output required. Access is way forward for this.

  VoG II 23:31 26 Aug 2006

Pivot Table.

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