Printing enlarged scanned docs.

  mardol 15:26 14 May 2007

I scanned a document & enlarged it to fill the monitor on my PC as I wished to print it out.

when it printed it was at the original size, which was useless.

I am on windows xp with epsom scanner 2480 & epsom printer photo 915.

Help please.

  wee eddie 17:19 14 May 2007

Once we know that some help can come your way.

Meantime, there should be a "Print Preview" command adjacent to "Print" command on the File Drop-down

  anchor 13:05 15 May 2007

You need to copy the scan into a photo programme,(something like Print shop pro, which is what I use).

Then using the resize facility, adjust the original to the print size you want, at an appropriate pixel resolution for your printer.

  wee eddie 12:49 14 Jun 2007

mardol, it's always a good idea to conduct the thread through the Forum as there may be others with similar problems waiting with baited breath. Or not. Anyway this is what he said

"thanks but don't follow your? re software"

What software is the picture being displayed in and which software will you be using to instruct the printer?

  anchor 13:51 14 Jun 2007

Just noticed that in my post of 15.5.07 I said, "Print shop pro".

Of course I meant to say, Paint shop pro. Many other photo programmes will do this also.

  hastelloy 16:03 14 Jun 2007

I think this is to do with size as seen on the monitor as against the size of the document. There is no relationship between the two. If you enlage your view on screen it doesn't affect the document size, this needs to be changed within the software - ie change font size in a word document or image size in a graphics program etc.

  wee eddie 16:06 14 Jun 2007

That's why we need to know what software he's using.

As he mailed me within the last 12 hours, with any luck he will respond shortly.

  mardol 15:48 04 Jul 2007

thanks guys & sorry for delay.

Marvin42, yours of 14/6 explained the sizing problem. As a beginner, when I requested a print of the screen display, I assumed that it would print exactly that, which to my simple mind seemed the obvious thing!!?

Thank you, I now know that computers do not do the obvious!

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