Printing emails with WLM

  catpwss 15:38 22 Aug 2011

Hi,Using windows 7 and windows live mail for emails.Now the headache starts there are on some occasions that I require to print out an email,But when I select the print option from the blue tab upper don't print the printer option comes up on screen to select the req printer.Nothing happens but a box appears on screen stating ''WLM FAILED'' Line:2107.Error invalid procedure call or argument. Any help here please,driving me up the wall.C.

  Woolwell 15:52 22 Aug 2011

Try a repair of Windows Live Mail. Highligh Windows Live Essentials in Programs and Features and choose the "Repair" option.

  catpwss 16:03 22 Aug 2011

Thanks for reply.Have tried that.Sorry

  Woolwell 16:07 22 Aug 2011

Has it ever worked?

Reluctant to suggest and uninstall and re-install but that may be necessary after backing up e-mails.

  catpwss 16:41 22 Aug 2011

yes it has worked,I'm not looking forward to reinstall wlm,Lot of hassle again. thanks.c.

  Woolwell 18:46 22 Aug 2011

If a recent failure it may be worthwhile trying a system restore.

  catpwss 19:05 22 Aug 2011

Many thanks for your reply,This has been bugging me for a long time,Its a Samsung ML1665 mono printer.Yes it has been working fine it prints from word etc but not from wlm.Within the past half hour I had an email from Samsung support and what they said was ''To uninstall the printer then download the up to date drivers from the link supplied.So I followed their advice and all is working well.Thanks to Samsung it took them long enough to reply,& thanks to you for replying.Thankyou.c.

  Woolwell 19:06 22 Aug 2011

Glad it is sorted.

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