Printing on a dvd disc

  boysie 20:33 24 Jul 2005

I hope this doesn't sound like a stupid question! but I bought some plain blank dvd discs to transfer files on to, which side up do i put a disc in my computer? only both sides look the same!!


  spuds 20:40 24 Jul 2005

Very shiny side face down.

  goonerbill © ® 21:02 24 Jul 2005

what brand of disks have you bought. spuds advice is not 100% true. some makes of dvd r/rw disks, the very shiny side is the top, not the write side.

  Pooke 21:06 24 Jul 2005

The side that goes down usually is a purple-ish colour (the dye).

  goonerbill © ® 21:07 24 Jul 2005

should have said (doh) just put the disk in, if its the correct way up a dialoge box will open (in winxp, other versions of windows i'm not sure) if disk is upside down nothing will happen.

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