Printing double sided

  Schopenhauer 09:28 26 Oct 2005

I need to print a document running to several pages and I would like to print on each side of each page in sequence. I believe that some printers have double sided printing facility but my Epson Stylus 670 does not seem to allow that.
The alternative would seem to be to print all the odd pages and then the even ones. Is there a program somewhere that enables this to be done? There doesn't seem to be such an option on the Epson software.

All advice gratefully received.

  PaulB2005 09:43 26 Oct 2005

When you get the print dialgoue box up tell it to print pages

1,3,5,7,9, etc

then turn the pages over and print


The option appears in the Print Range area of the print settings box.

  [email protected] 09:50 26 Oct 2005

Perhaps you have answered the question yourself if you think about it. Even if such a program buffered the odds and evens you would still have to turn the printed pages over and re-insert them into the feeder tray; something the average home user printer has yet to automate.

  PaulB2005 09:56 26 Oct 2005

Also check for the latest drivers at click here as sometimes new drivers include new options like Duplex (double sided) printing.

  jack 10:09 26 Oct 2005

All the answers are there above - there is yet to be a home printer that will turn the sheets 'Wallace and Grommet' style and certainly no software will do
Just be prepared for the odd[or even] spoiled sheet
and the need to run that one again back and front

  freaky 12:15 26 Oct 2005

Some printer manufacturers will supply an add-on unit called a Duplex, this will enable double-sided printing. It fits onto the rear of the printer and does in fact 'turn' the paper.

  Audeal 12:18 26 Oct 2005

I have found that after printing the Odd pages first and turning the paper over, two pages can be drawn through the printer and the page is printed on the wrong sheet therby giving you the wrong text on the even side.

As jack states: "Just be prepared for the odd[or even] spoiled sheet and the need to run that one again back and front".

When I print the even side, I feed the paper by hand, this ensures you get them correct. This is ok for a few pages but when you have a couple of hundred pages to print then it can get a little tedious and mistakes can be made.

  Schopenhauer 16:11 26 Oct 2005

Thanks for all those replies, I just thought there might be some slick answer I hadn't considered.

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