Printing direct on to CD's

  bruno 13:51 02 Dec 2006

I have just bought a Canon PI 4300 printer which prints on to CD's.There were 5 discs included which are printable.Does this mean that it will not print on "normal" cd's?I asked in Comet and Currys this morning but did not get a sensible answer.

  terryf 13:52 02 Dec 2006

What does it say in the Canon user manual?

  bruno 14:07 02 Dec 2006

I had already done that with no luck,but on your suggestion I did it again and found the answer.Apparently the printable discs are prepared especially for the job.This is what I thought myself but the Comet man reckoned they would all work.I wasn;t convinced.Thanks for your reply.

  €dstowe 14:11 02 Dec 2006

Printable disks (CD and DVD) from many suppliers including

click here


click here

  Stuartli 14:14 02 Dec 2006

CD and DVD blank media for the purpose is clearly labelled as Printable. See, for instance:

click here

The extra cost is very small.

  bruno 14:26 02 Dec 2006

Thanks for the links.I am a bit wiser now.

  conrail 17:22 02 Dec 2006


  MIke 18:33 02 Dec 2006

Beware not all White surfaced discs are inkjet printable, I had some bargain basement strand brand from Poundstretcher once, but it clearly stated they were not printable, at one time Asda were selling white-topped cds which again were not printable. I'm now using Taiyo Yuden discs from SVP as per €dstowe's link. Also using a Canon 4200 printer, and results are very good. Not tried the silver printable though, but would be interested to see how they turn out.

  €dstowe 19:04 02 Dec 2006

I've used the silver printable disks - give a very nice "deep" effect when done in colour.

  Stuartli 20:26 02 Dec 2006

I use Imation and Infiniti media, printable and non-printable - both are rebadged Taiyo Yuden media; I've never had a coaster in several years' use of both brands.

  MIke 20:44 02 Dec 2006

I'll give the silver ones a try when I run out! I didn't realise Infiniti brand used TY media, worth a look I think

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