Printing direct to cd/dvd

  spuds 13:42 30 Sep 2007

We have some cd's/dvd's that require professional looking labels. Looking at a range of printers, our choice seems to take the Epson R265 as a printer capable of doing this work.

Do you have a Epson R265 or would you recommend an alternative. Price is on a budget, because we already have various other printers in use on general printing work. The printers in use would be capable of producing Press-It type labels, but we are seeking something that will print direct onto the cd/dvd in a more professional manner.

  harry12 13:49 30 Sep 2007

I have the canon IP4300 which has the facility for printing on to disks. I've never used it, but have nothing but praise for this printer

  spuds 14:00 30 Sep 2007

I should have added that the printer should perhaps be capable of using a CISS unit so savings on compatible or original cartridges can be achieved.

  €dstowe 14:06 30 Sep 2007

We have used several of the Epson "R" series printers for a range of printing jobs, primarily CD and DVD printing but also they are excellent photo quality printers. They accept CISS.

No problems at all.

If you use the disks with a reflective or so-called hologram printing surface you can achieve some very interesting and professional looking results. Try and get disks with 100% printing surface (some have a largish non-printable area at the centre).

  stylehurst 14:16 30 Sep 2007

I think you will find that the R265 has been supeceded by the R285 as of September 2007.

  pj123 14:30 30 Sep 2007

I have two Epson R220 printers. Both fitted with CISS. Both also modified to allow the waste ink to exit the printer in to an external container and not the waste pads.

Both print direct to CD/DVD but it is the software I use that gives the professional finish.

I use Discus, which I find is the best that there is on the market. It will accept any manufacturers label.

It has thousands of templates included or you can use your own jpg's. Unfortunately, because it is such a large program it cannot be downloaded. But delivery is usually pretty fast.

You can download a DEMO version but it prints DEMO on all labels.

click here

  spuds 14:42 30 Sep 2007

One of the reasons why our interest is with the R265 and similar model R series printers at the moment, is because Epson have released a large batch of refurbished models under full warranty, at attractive prices.

Thanks everyone for the input so far, keep it coming.

On a personal note, I have an Epson Stylus C86 printer (large stock of unused compatibles cartridges), which as given many problems over time, in fact its in the redundant drawer at this moment, hence other opinions required.

  €dstowe 14:49 30 Sep 2007

A lot of the problems with Epson printers are caused by them being "in the redundant drawer" rather than being used. Epsons, having their printhead as part of the printer rather than the cartridge, must be used regularly to maintain a free flow of ink - this seems especially important with CISS.

Most of my printers are Epson and they rarely give any trouble - that's because they are in almost constant use. The ones that do cause problems are most likely old and worn out from overuse (which is not a complaint).

  spuds 15:07 30 Sep 2007

pj123, interesting about the programme you have mentioned, will look into it further.

Just to give more details about the request. We have a local group of young lad's who have formed a band, and have done a few gigs over the past year or so,mainly pubs, clubs, senior citizen homes and the like, just for the pleasure of it. They are now in the process of making a cd of their work, so that they can offer their cd on the build-up to Christmas and beyond perhaps. Any funds raised hopefully will provide some 'better' equipment for the band.
One or two of us 'older citizens' with spare time on our hands have offered a little help with their adventure.Whether it become a success, we will have to wait and see!.

  User-312386 15:13 30 Sep 2007

You will be looking for lightscribe or labelflash then. These two formats are still in there infancy. I have lightcribe and i love it.

  Stuartli 15:58 30 Sep 2007

I have an Epson R300, which uses the same print engine as the R200 and upwards models.

Using PrintCD software, I can produce excellent CD or DVD labels; the Epson also churns out high class photographs.

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