printing digital pics

  Pamy 21:55 10 Feb 2004

Hello everyone,

Can anyone advise me how to print my digital camera pictures at a standard size of 6x4 and /or 5x7 inches?

I have a Fugifilm 401 camera and an Epson 600 printer. I download the pictures to Finepix ( the software that came with the camera) and "my pictures" on XP pro.
I would like to buy 6x4 & 7x5 photo paper,select the pictures I want to print set the size of paper and then print them. I have tried but, some pictures print only a small part of the full picture on the whole paper and others print the whole picture on part of the paper.I always use the same camera setting so cannot understand why I do not get a consistant output (part or whole).
Can anyone please tell me where I am going wrong?


  exbrat67 22:45 10 Feb 2004

Hello Pamy

I don't think that you are going wrong. Sizing photo's to print on an inkjet is very complex. Epson provide software on recent photo printers that do this automatically. I have one of these which takes up 53.6 MB of disk space indicating that this is very involved. Consider Adobe Photoshop Album (tryout download available) which is a powerfull storage, enhancement and printing package that will enable you to select print sizes from 2.1" x 2.8" in five increments up to 10" x 8" plus custom. Cost about £40 but well worth it.

  Pamy 22:51 10 Feb 2004

Thanks, will bear in mind your suggestion.Was hoping there was a simple explanation


  Pesala 23:02 10 Feb 2004

Serif Page Plus 5.0 is free from click here The advantage of using DTP software it that it makes it very easy to resize images precisely by stretching them to guidelines. One can also add text, borders, or crop marks very easily if required, and reposition until it looks just right on screen.

Just create two templates for your preferred paper sizes and import your pictures to print them.

If you want to make a montage of several prints on A4, it is again very easy to resize, crop, move, and rotate several pictures on screen before printing.

  Jarvo 23:13 10 Feb 2004

you need to resize your photos. on a computer your pics will be aprox 1200x1600 pix or bigger at 72 dpi when you print it trys to print this size . look for an image resize option in your menues and size to 6x4 or 7x5 at 300dpi (dpi for a photo print) then save as ( dsg007p6x4 where file name gives p for print 6x4 for size) keeping your original. you will now find you have good prints.


  GANDALF <|:-)> 00:52 11 Feb 2004

Printing photos is so 20th. century;-)) but here are a couple of cheap here ($20)

click here ($25) and a free one here


  Jester2K 07:39 11 Feb 2004

or even free IrfanView click here (if his site is up)

Easy to select a custom paper size from your printer settings and you can preview how it will appear before you print.

  stlucia 08:45 11 Feb 2004

Does your printer dialogue box not have a 'scale to fit to page' option, or something like that? Often it's hidden in 'options' or 'settings'. If you select that, then your only problem will be if the photo is a different aspect ratio (6x4 paper is a different ratio from 7x5, for instance, both of which may be different from the natural ratio of your camera) than the paper you're trying to print on -- that's when you need to use software such as IrfanView to crop the photo to a different aspect ratio.

  bruno 08:51 11 Feb 2004

If you tell us which program you have(image editor) someone on here will be able to give you exact instructions for it,I am sure.

  Pamy 19:50 11 Feb 2004

Stlucia, Bruno, Jester2k, Gandalf, Pesala, and Jarvo, thank you for your replies and suggestions.
I am only using FinePixViewer" that came with my camera. I did not want to edit the pictures at this stage, Just buy 6x4 or 7x5 photo paper for my printer and click on all the pictures I have downloaded and print them off at the selected size.(silly me for thinking it would be this simple). Have tried "Adjust to paper size" but pictures come out at 3.125" x 4.250" although set to print at 6x4.
Gandalf`s PrintSix is allmost what I want to do accept that it is on A4 paper, but may be a better option. I will try the freeware prog.soon.
Will also download Irfanview to see if it will do what I wanted.
Once again many thanks to you all for your help and suggestions.


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