Printing colours as seen on monitor.

  User-3348FFC9-92CE-414E-B58EDF0B921C07F8 18:45 26 Dec 2007

I use Epson CX3200 & C64 printers with a Digimate TFT monitor, can anyone tell me how to ensure that the colours I see on the monitor are printed as shown by my printers or at least one of them. if any software is required free versions if possible & keep it resonably simple as I am a very much a silver server.

  Technotiger 18:50 26 Dec 2007

It may not be possible to print colours exactly as shown on screen, several factors come into play such as whether using genuine Epson inks, using genuine Eson photo paper, and of course depending on what software you use and how you set up your pictures with that software.

I use all Epson stuff, and my software is Photosuite, does a pretty good job, but even then the screen/printed colours are not always exact.

  Pamy 18:53 26 Dec 2007

It can be a trial and error process. Make sure all your ink tanks are full and working properly.

Now if you are refering to photos, it could depend on what the photo manipulating program has to offer. If a print shows different coloursto the screen you may be able to alter them in the program or you may be able to alter them via your printer driver program (you will have to look at ewhat is available) Perhaps you could tell others what progs you use. Epsom do have some adjustments that can be made

  hssutton 19:17 26 Dec 2007

Assuming that the printer is ok process your images as sRGB and then in the printer dialogue box select "Let Printer Determine Colours".

If your monitor is not calibrated, use such as "Monitor Calibration Wizard" This is an excellent piece of freeware, almost as good as an hardware calibrator.

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  woodchip 19:29 26 Dec 2007

Only way without spending more money than you got is as above, trial and error. When you click on print then chose Printer Properties you should be able to do a custom setup with printer Driver. You should find in Advanced setting may be something like a Graphics Equaliser but it’s for colour. you need to use these and save the colour map, then try it. if it's not right reopen the map and make further adjustment

Hi all,
Thanks for your responses, my monitor has not been calibrated so I have downloaded "Monitor Calibration Wizard" and propose to try going that way for a start.

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