Printing on cards

  block 23:20 13 May 2003

Can anyone show me ho to put text and graphics on a card which when open is 26.3 cm wide by 13.2 cm high. It has a line for folding already when the card is printed. I have spent 10 days trying to do it with various programmes but to no avail. The defintion of words used to describe how to do it is very confusing. What I see in preview is not what is printed out. Print setup is very confusing in its use of words. HELP

  ton 00:07 14 May 2003

What software are you using?

  Wak 08:41 14 May 2003

Hi Block, the first thing that comes to mind is that the card, when finished will be about 13cms square when folded???
If that is so, then when the card is put in the printer, the printer will (or should) be printing in Landscape and NOT in Portrait.
Have you altered the printer settings to account for this???
It should be printing UP the page and not ACROSS it.
Does this help at all??

  stlucia 08:58 14 May 2003

You haven't said what software you're using. MS Word can do the job but, as you imply, you don't always get exactly what you see on the screen in the print. A desktop publisher is more likely to give what you want -- I use Adobe Pagemaker, but there's lots of budget packages available.

Whatever you're using, the general principle is to set up your page layout as landscape (and remember to set the printer to landscape also when you print it!). Then you can draw a line for the fold. Then create two separate text boxes, one to the left of the line and one to the right, and type in your text.

Placing graphics is where a desktop publisher package has the real advantage over Word, in my experience, for you can place the images and then instruct your text to wrap around it.

  1514 09:50 14 May 2003

I write different sized cards every week to my sisters and dear old Aunt. You will have a slight difference with differing printers, but in any case I have found that Laser printers print much better on cards as the ink jet sometimes smudges.

Go to: file/page setup/ paper size. drop down to "custom size". choose landscape and put yor card size in 26.3 x 13.2
Go back to the top and choose "margins" and put about 0.6cm all around Then OK

Now go to the top of "Word page" and choose "columns" and choose two or four columns. "I choose two"
From here on, it depends on what printer that you have and I can't help you here unless you have a Brother laser printer; if you have then email me

  1514 09:55 14 May 2003

Oh! and of course try it out on a spare sheet of A4 before you put your card through

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