Printing B/W uses colour ink?

  Trikie 19:43 09 Jan 2006

I have 2 Epson printers - Stylus Photo 890 and an R200. I use the 890 purely for documents printed in black text and the R200 for all colour documents and photos.

When I started this way of printing the 890 colour cartridge was half full. It has gradually gone down and tonight has registered empty, resulting in the printer stopping altogether.

Is this to be expected or is something wrong with the printer?

  jack 19:49 09 Jan 2006

This the fact. Straight printing will use all colours, even when in black.
Printing balck only can be achieved on some models
check printer properties for a black only button.

If you examine a 'black' print under a M/glass you should see evidence of the other colours fringing the black image

  DieSse 19:52 09 Jan 2006

Every time an Epson printer powers up, it runs a cleaning cycle. You *could* use all your ink up by switching it on and off, without printing a single thing!

  DieSse 19:56 09 Jan 2006

My HP940 shows absolutely no evidence of using colour ink when printing in black - which is exactly what I would expect. çI can't see any reason why any printer would use colour ink for black printing (apart from a few old models that didn't have black ink cartridges.)

  Curio 20:01 09 Jan 2006

I believe if your black ink runs out, the colour cart will take over printing black until it runs out or black cart replaced.

  Stuartli 20:06 09 Jan 2006

Some printers only have a colour cartridge - this is used to print black although it will never be as dark or as solid looking as a "proper" black cartridge.

  Stuartli 20:08 09 Jan 2006

My best mate has an HP 890C which has a black and colour cartridge - it doesn't use the colour cartridge for printing out letters...:-)

It's still a cracking printer despite being at least five years old.

  jack 20:26 09 Jan 2006

Good point about the head clean cycle that will use all inks alright.

My daughter has Lexmark that prints colour or black
from either of two carts and they have be swapped.

Perchance with a proliferation of models from just one maker there will be a variation in what some do and dont do.
If one is interested to know what exactly is going on print 3 types of image 1 Text only 2 normal colour 3 colour with a large solid black area and print them seperately an absorbant paper so the you get spread.
Come back tell us what you get.P

  lotvic 23:27 09 Jan 2006

Epson 890 replacing an ink Cartridge

quote ""This printer uses ink cartridges equipped with IC chips. The IC chip accurately monitors the amount of ink used by each cartridge, so even if a cartridge is removed and later inserted again, all of its ink can be used. However, some ink is consumed each time the cartridge is inserted because the printer automatically checks reliability.

You cannot continue printing with one ink cartridge empty, even if the other cartridge still contains ink. Before printing, replace the empty cartridge."" end quote

full instructions click here

  Stuartli 00:04 10 Jan 2006

As far as I am aware, Epson printers with an empty cartridge will not operate no matter how many cartridges are in use.

  jack 08:36 10 Jan 2006

Moving on now then?
The dreaded chip.
All quite true, as is the fact that when the cip says it is empty is isnt, This may be construed as a protective device to prevant the circuit completely emptying - or it may equally be construed as greedy old Epson.
But SSC utility to the rescue.
The counter can be reset with the Cart in the machine - So you can squeeze a bit more out.

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