Printing brochures

  Djpiero 13:37 06 Sep 2005


Can anyone help me with some advice.
I have an epson C62, I have been trying to print out a brochure, I have tried on different papers, Mellotex 120 gsm, glossy quick drying paper 150 gsm, and have tried some other papers, but still do not get a good print out, the best I have got so far is on the Gloss quick drying paper 150 gsm, only I can only print on the one side.
Does anyone know which is the best double sided paper for printing brochures ?
I have used matt but it is too flat.
Any suggestions welcome.

  jack 13:52 06 Sep 2005

Tricky one because inkjet papers generally are single sided.
Kodak do[did?] one that is in fact plastic as opposed to 'paper' paper if you see what I mean.
You could try a local printer/printshop to see if you can scrounge/buy some specimen sheets of regular offset paper[ M/F i seem to recall is what you are after]

  dave_and_confused 13:58 06 Sep 2005

Verbatum do double sided Matt so look around Office World, Rymans, etc

You could try click here

No idea if any good though...

  €dstowe 14:08 06 Sep 2005

It is very difficult to obtain small quantities of the type of paper you need to do this job. Probably the best thing for you is to do as jack suggests and pay a visit to your local print shop.

Before you go there, have a think about how many brochures you want to print and whether it would be cheaper for the printshop to do the whole printing job for you. Five hundred copies is about the cutoff where it is uneconomical do do your own. Invariably, though, a good printshop will be able to do a better job and give a "professional" touch to the work - difficult to obtain on an Epson home printer.

  €dstowe 14:10 06 Sep 2005

Note: I didn't intend to single out Epson as a particularly difficult printer for this, most home inkjets will behave similarly and not give their best for this type of work.

  jack 12:06 07 Sep 2005

I can attest to the suitability of an inkjet for long print runs.
A group to which I belong decided to produce a volume on the work they were doing. A member undertook the task and with my help in the imaging field produced 100 or so copies of 60 pages of text and colour illustations.
It was such a pleasing work when done- comb bound etc., that the Natural History Museum, London took several an accorded it an ISBN number for their library.
But it killed the printer -dead.
And being a voluntary group part of the local U3A
there was no recompense saught or offered.

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