Printing on both sides of the paper

  roHco 16:17 08 Dec 2004

Iam intrigued why some downloads use different Print Dialogs from others.
I like to print on both sides of the paper; it is economical use of a material that has to be purchased and requires less physical space within ring binders. The Print Dialog offering most flexibility is in Adobe; the one in MS Word 2000 is pretty flexible but others are much simpler and do not, for example, offer any facility for printing odd and even numbered pages separately. Why is this ? Who is responsible for specifying Print Dialogs ? Is it something inherent in the printer Driver ?
Are there separate programs available that will provide facilities that simple dialogs omit ?
How can I print both sides of pages without going through the tedium of:
[Ctrl] P, [Alt] G, {Type in page nr.} [Alt] P for every odd numbered page, wait for them to print, remove them, turn them over, re-insert in the printer and start again with all the even numbered pages ?
Surely, this is a problem that has concerned others but I have never seen it appear in magazines.
I use a Canon S200x.

  recap 16:43 08 Dec 2004

Technology is moving on in the field of the printer, some printers these days come with duplexing capabilities.

  Jeffers22 17:11 08 Dec 2004

Unless you have a duplex printer you will have to continue to do it the manual way. I have a duples Panasonic KX-P7100 laser which cost me less than £200, and I think they can now be had for about £140. It is really very good. You can also get duplex inkjets these days.

  TomJerry 17:22 08 Dec 2004

Some models even do automatically, the printer can turn papers around and print both sides without any intervention. Other models need manual intervention, when it finish one side, it asks you to turn paper around.

  TomJerry 17:24 08 Dec 2004

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