printing book cover

  aboutit 16:07 11 Mar 2008

I have scanned the page for a book cover which I want to print onto A4 but I want the printed part to be on the right side of the page so that when the paper is folded in half it forms the same layout as a greeting card half fold would be. Hope you undrstand me .Does anyone know how i can do this

  LAP 16:29 11 Mar 2008

In the software you are using alter the page setup to 'Landscape'. Then place your picture in the right half and print.

  jack 17:07 11 Mar 2008

on the feed edge of you paper- if ussing an HP printer you have to stand on your head and think upside down ;-}

If using a graphics editor to get to print- something like Paint Shop Pro- then use the 'Page Layout' facility' for precise positioning.

  Diemmess 17:32 11 Mar 2008

If you don't have the software for image manipulation you could try Word.

Open a new blank document (A4).
Page Layout - choose landscape.
Page Layout -alter margins to the least that Word will allow (about 0.4cms)

Format, Columns - Make 2 with no space in between them.
OK, and back to the blank document.

The cursor should be at top left so press successively Alt, b (break), c (column break) and Enter.

To save long winded description the cursor shoud be top right column now, Insert a Textbox and then insert either your picture file or a clipboard copy.

You will need to to some playing with "handles" bearing in mind that both the picture and the box will need adjustment to fit as much of the page as is printable.

A bit of a fiddle but easier once you have done it! At least you already have the necessary software.

  LAP 13:31 13 Mar 2008

How did you get on?

  aboutit 13:47 13 Mar 2008

Had lots of problems with word etc. Found a greeting car maker called create a card this enabled me to scan the document add or erase text and place on A4 in book format (half fold card).Turned out perfect many thanks for all suggestions

  Diemmess 15:36 13 Mar 2008

I'm not surprised at difficulties with Word, but any port in a storm.

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