swanny2 13:41 17 Sep 2006

Ihave a epson c86 .
And when i print something it has like lines on the pics. .what can this be . any 1 plz

  Taff™ 14:00 17 Sep 2006

If these are horizontal or vertical lines it cold be that the head nozzles are blocked - run a nozzle check. Otherwise the ink might be running out.

Go to Start>Printers and faxes then right click the C86 and select propertis - you should find the various utilities there.

  swanny2 10:08 19 Sep 2006

cheers mate . must be the ink.because its still the same with Nozzles cleaned.

thanks anyway.

  spuds 10:48 19 Sep 2006

Download and run this utility click here

Try the 'power cleaner' initially, and see if that clears the problem.

  swanny2 01:18 21 Sep 2006

ta mate but what exactly does it do? all it says is uknown stae .hmm
tx anyway .

  swanny2 11:15 21 Sep 2006

Ta mate i seen the options for things too do.but still shows when i go too say,Ink not active..
Also im getting my red light flashing all the time now,an green one on all time. im sure the red wasnt flashing before,all the time.

  cycoze 11:41 21 Sep 2006

A flashing red light generally means the cartridge needs replacing.

A cartridge when running out can cause banding.

Epson c86 cure horizontal banding click here .

Epson c86 reference guide click here .

  bionicle 19:13 22 Sep 2006

I have an Epson Stylus C60 and on occasion used to get similar problems. Running the Head Cleaning utility a couple of times usually sorted it out. I get compatible refills from Choice Stationary and since they changed to Think+ inkjet cartridges I never have this problem. So it may be the cartridges you are using.

  swanny2 09:21 23 Sep 2006

ok thanks all. ye its the catridges i will replace them . cheers. then try it again .

  terryf 12:03 23 Sep 2006

You may be able to get cleaning cartridges for your printer, try google for 'epson c86 cleaning cartridges'

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