User-178362 03:41 04 Oct 2005

Could you please tell me how to print all of the thread without missing part of the information on the right side, so that I can read at leisure. Also how to print out different parts of the thread so that I only read the important information. I know I have asked this before but I would like it all on one page please, for future reference

  Diodorus Siculus 07:33 04 Oct 2005

To ensure it is all printed, print in landscape (under the print setup options).

To only print selected parts, say only the text of replies and not the ads etc, select it with the mouse and then choose to print selection.

  Diodorus Siculus 07:38 04 Oct 2005

click here

This one shows the option to print the selection for Mozilla; IE has a similar option

click here

  jack 08:44 04 Oct 2005

Easy one Princess.
A make sure sure you have available 'Wordpad'
This is the Free basic word processor that comes with XP[and other Win O/S] create a desk top icon so that you can open it easily.
On the page you wish to save - simply left click and dra g the mouse down the page to highlight the text. Now Right click and click 'Copy'
Go now to Word pad. open it. right click the page and click paste. - Go to file then print.

  User-178362 23:05 04 Oct 2005

Where do I find word pad to create a desk top icon?

  BRYNIT 23:17 04 Oct 2005

In Win XP

Start/all programs/accessories

  Taran 23:19 04 Oct 2005

Start >> programs >> Accessories >> WordPad


Start >> All Programs >> Accessories >> WordPad

Right click on the WordPad entry in the list and scroll up the list of options to Send To.

Select Desktop (create shortcut)

It does exactly what it says and places a shortcut on your desktop to the program allowing you to open it by double clicking the icon.

  Babou 23:46 04 Oct 2005

I really should read this forum more often! For years I've been maddened by website printouts with text missing off the side. And never once did it occur to me to print in landscape mode. Thank you, Diodorus Siculus.

  User-178362 17:18 05 Oct 2005

Image Shack. Does this mean I have to registrar to be able to use it. Will I be able to change my pictures. and make the threads smaller, also is it safe? What is Mozilla, a printing program? Where do I find it?

  Fruit Bat /\0/\ 17:35 05 Oct 2005

Mozilla (Firefox) is a web browser simular to Internet explorer.

Tis site does not allow us to post pictures and drawings, Imageshack is a picture hosting site, It allows us to put a picture (free) on the net and we can post a link (click here) to it to help in the explanations.

  VoG II 20:48 05 Oct 2005

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