Printers disappear from Word

  Akinbiyi 09:53 13 Aug 2007

I'm using Office 2003 with Windows XP. At about the same time as last month's Microsoft patches, I added a HP 6310 printer to my system. Since then, about every other day, Word suddenly can't find any of my printers and I can't print documents. The only physical printer attached to the system is the 6310, but there are virtual printers for pdf files and other old physical printers still on the printer list. Other programs, including other MS Office programs, can still access the printers.

If I log off and log back on again or do a restart, the printers re-appear in word.

I called HP support and all they could suggest was to uninstall the printer and re-install. That makes no difference to the problem

Any ideas where the problem lies?

  Clapton is God 15:23 13 Aug 2007

"other old physical printers still on the printer list"

Do you mean printers previously being used but now redundant and/or disconnected from the PC?

If so, un-install the software for these printers.

I'm not surprised that Word is having problems if it's 'hunting' for several non-existent printers

  Akinbiyi 15:30 13 Aug 2007

These are printers that I occasionally use when I am visiting other companies and need to print out something. I don't think this is the cause at all, as they have been on the printer list for several years without this problem. The problem only started occuring the week that a) I installed the new HP inkjet and b)installed the July MS updates.

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