printers that can print white on transparency film

  crazyhead 16:17 08 Jan 2003
  crazyhead 16:17 08 Jan 2003

Please could you tell me of printers available on the market(in any price range)that can print white on to transparency films. It would also be intersting to know if any printers have inks or dyes that are waterproof.Low running costs on any of the printers is preferred.
Thank you for your assistance
John Lison

  Djohn 16:31 08 Jan 2003

The latest Epson range of printers use a waterproof ink, and the running cost is very reasonable, not sure about the white print though.

  jazzypop 16:35 08 Jan 2003

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Presumably, you will be shining a white light from the projector, so any unprinted area will appear as white when projected onto a white screen.

If your needs are more specialised, I think you will find it cheaper to use a specialist printer - I am not aware of any domestic or business printer that is designed to take a white ink cartridge, so if you are determined to take the DIY approach, you would need to do something like find a printer that takes individual colour cartridges, find a specialist ink supplier for a supply of white ink, and compose your page by substituting the black ink for white. Then whatever you printed in black on screen would appear white when printed.

As inkjet printers typically combine inks to create a specific colour, using any other colour than black would be very tricky.

Perhaps I am over-complicating matters here.... there is a professional graphics artist(?) called €dstow on this forum, who will doubtless give you a definitive answer :)

  €dstow 18:29 08 Jan 2003

The idea of transparency film is to project light through it. So, as has been said above, unprinted areas will appear as white in the projection. If you use a white ink, which of necessity will be pigment based, then that on projection will appear as black or at best a dark grey.

If you are using the film as a backlit medium then exactly the same applies. The backlighting diffuser shows through as white in unprinted areas the film.

The C range of Epson printers contain substantially waterproof inks BUT if you're using them on transparency film, the printing surface is unlikely to be waterproof and it will swell in water an wash off.

Have I understood the question correctly? If not, come back with a bit more info.


  crazyhead 20:13 08 Jan 2003

Thank you for all your replies.
I specificlly want to use adhesive transparency films for window stickers so natural light shines through therefore any non printed areas do not show up white.At the moment i am using a hp deskjet 845c printer and was recently playing around with a star wars creative print studio produced by epson.I printed a stormtrooper and a portrait of queen amadela both prodominantly white prints which printed perfectly well on the above mentioned transparency films although I can't seem to come up with any whites using coral draw or any microsoft design programs . How can this be so?

  PurplePenny 20:16 08 Jan 2003

Depends what you want the white ink on film for.

I have seen transfer film which has a white coating on it that absorbs the inks. It is for use like regular transfer film ie to transfer a printed image (to a plate or T-shirt for instance) but on dark materials like leather.

If that's what you want I'll have to remember which catalogue (paper not online, sorry) I saw it in.


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