Printer wont print from standby

  charles60 17:10 01 Apr 2011

Hi I own a Cannon MP600R its a good printer expect for one annoying thing after a while it goes into standby that's OK but when I want to print Something does not come on back from standby and print. I go Over to the printer and press the OK button it still does not print what i have to do is turn the printer of and then on again then it prints fine I have to do this all the time if i leave my printer for a while has anybody got any ideas please thanks. ( It is wireless by the way )

  muddypaws 17:41 01 Apr 2011

I have an HP that is doing the same for the last 2 months. I have to pull out USB and re-insert.
So I will follow with interest.
Sorry I couldn't help.

  howard64 17:42 01 Apr 2011

sounds like there must be a setting perhaps in preferences with a time setting. Maybe it is the pcs hibernate settings?

  Ashrich 23:51 02 Apr 2011

Have a look through the Canon driver settings , right click on printer , select the "Maintenance" tab and look for the Auto Power button , if you have done this already and it doesn't work I suggest completely un-installing the drivers , run a clean up program like Ccleaner then re-install again , then go back and turn on the Auto Power button .


  Ashrich 23:53 02 Apr 2011

Another thought about your printer problem , try stopping Windows allowing the USB ports to be turned off to save power , that could well make a big difference as well .


  charles60 11:21 03 Apr 2011

Thanks for that Ashley will give it a try

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