printer won't print from correct tray

  pookie 16:07 06 Jan 2004


network of 6 pc's connected to hp4100 printer. all there are 3 paper trays. everything from any of the pcs prints from tray 3 no matter which tray you select. yes, there is paper in all trays :-). i've tried settings default to tray 2 in word page setup, print options and also within the printer settings in control panel

any ideas?

many thanks


  alcudia 16:12 06 Jan 2004

Try the paper settings in the printer's own menu system. I used to get this. Now ok on 29 machines, but one still plays up. (mine).

  alcudia 16:17 06 Jan 2004

To explain a bit better. I set the paper types within the printers menu. eg letterhead in tray 2, plain in tray 3. Then from Word leave tray as auto select and just choose paper type. Worked on every damn machine except mine. But I've got a HP 2300. Everyone else has or shares a 4100.

  alcudia 16:41 06 Jan 2004

Another setting you need to check is in the printer's properties. click the printing preferences button and expand paper/output. Make sure the size is correct. (probably A4).

My problem is that my 2300 will not remember this, so it always defaults to tray 1. I have to reset it every time I use the printer.

  Sir Radfordin 17:33 06 Jan 2004


The hours I've spent trying to get these printers to work.

You need to make sure the paper trays are correctly configured both on the printer and the computers.

If you are running these from a print server then pre Win XP you need to set the trays on each local computer. XP detects tray settings from the print server.

It has been a while since I've touched one of these, but am I right in thinking that 1 of the trays is the manual feed? If so, shut it and don't use it. You would then normally put headed paper in tray 2 and plain paper in tray 3. You on the 4100n you should be able to create profiles so that all pages print on tray 3 or first on tray 2 and then subsequently on tray 3.

It is also worthwhile installing the driver from the CD on each machine so that the HP software is correctly installed.

If it takes you less than a day to sort out you've done something wrong ;)

  pookie 19:52 06 Jan 2004

hi and many thanks for the replies - i'll try these tomorrow when i get into work - anything else i should try?

many thanks


  alcudia 21:29 06 Jan 2004

If it takes less than a week somethings wrong.
Tray 1 is the manual feed. We have 5 4100dtn's and it took me an age to sort this out. Have trays 2 & 3 set as you say on all of them. Still working on the 2300 (also a dtn)

  woodchip 21:34 06 Jan 2004

Have you tried some new drivers from HP

  alcudia 09:00 07 Jan 2004

That's next on the list, but I'm going to replace the hard drive on my main office machine in the next few days. (Need a bigger one). I will try updated drivers then.

That's the nuisance with XP though. As soon as you plug the thing in it loads a driver without asking any questions.

  Sir Radfordin 09:30 07 Jan 2004

Sorry never touched a 2300...but I will know not to now!

Try loading the HP Driver from the CD before you plug the printer into the XP machine. It should then allow you to use that driver. You can just change the port that it is using the to the correct IP address.

  alcudia 10:03 07 Jan 2004

Thanks for that. I will try that method when I've got the new drive in. I only got the printer a week before Christmas, so it's early days yet. I will be its master.

Also this printer is not connected to a network point. (none spare in my room) So its on the parrallel port and shared between the three machines in my office.

One thing in it's favour. It's fast.

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