Printer wont print

  pcuser1 17:44 24 Apr 2008

I have an Epson Stylus Color 680 printer which I know is old but has worked well until recently.If you try to print a document or a test page it is just blank,the printer makes as if it is printing.Have replaced both printer cartidges but no better,have also attempted to manually clean the print head but no better.Repeated head cleaning using the epson utility seems to consume ink but does not produce any print out.Is there anything else I can do or should I just replace it.Cartidges are compatibles but have used these for years.It has been left unused for some time.

  Stuartli 17:53 24 Apr 2008

Assuming you have XP, try downloading and installing the latest driver:

click here

  wiz-king 17:59 24 Apr 2008

I dont know the printer but if it has the heads in the cartriges then-

check the cartriges have not got blocked by standing them on several thicknesses of damp kitchen roll - you should get inkspots on the towel after a few minutes

clean the contacts on the cartridges and on the printer with a gentle rub with a damp lint free cloth

  pcuser1 12:29 25 Apr 2008

Dont think it is a driver problem as the printer head moves as if printing but there is no output.Have taken cartridges out and plenty of ink comes out on damp paper towel,have cleaned cotacts also but no better.Think contacts ok anyway as status monitor shows amoount of ink.Any more ideas?

  Sea Urchin 13:11 25 Apr 2008

Did you try installing the driver from Stuartli's link? Very often a printer will work after a fashion, but with the correct driver installed will operate as it should. You say the print head moves as if printing - but the point is it is not printing.

  Stuartli 13:24 25 Apr 2008

Have you checked/configured the printer's required output details from its Properties?

  jakimo 16:33 25 Apr 2008

Sound like an Epson print head blockage,which I recently had.

the carts sound OK,so remove carts,place tissue under print head and inject (with a syringe) the head nozzles (not the carts) with Isopropyl Alcohol. you may have to do this 3\4 times,and you may even have to let the alcohol soak overnight,,this method definitely works

  pcuser1 20:15 25 Apr 2008

I use windows ME have updated the driver but to no effect. I agree with jakimo just need to find my Isopropyl alcohol and see if I can clear the print head thanks for tips.

  jakimo 05:19 26 Apr 2008

The cheapest source of Isopropyl alcohol is probably from chemist,but the syringe is a very important part of the procedure,as the alcohol has to be inserted under some pressure

  Terry Brown 07:04 26 Apr 2008

If you a CD head cleaner, the fluid in the cleaner should do the job. have a hunt round the 'Pound shops'.

  sharpamat 07:28 26 Apr 2008

this has come up many times in postings and is a fairley common problem with Epsons, Epsons Print heads are not in the Cartridge

they do have a built in counter which when pages printed is reached then stop working untill its been reset by epson. this may work for you
click here

Its been the only reason I have replaced previous epsons but I still stick with them as I prefer them

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