Printer, webcam and microsoft office failed!

  notsosuperspud 17:02 21 Jun 2008

HELP, my printer, webcam and microsoft office do not work anymore, i have made sure all updates are installed and gone through all the troubleshooting steps and the only difference it makes is to some of the error messages, with the printer, is does not come up with any at all now. When i try to access any of the printer icons, it says about function address and protection fault. Please can anyone help:((

  wee eddie 17:52 21 Jun 2008

What Model of PC/Laptop have you, running which Operating System?

What Models are the peripherals that you mentioned?

Which Version of MS Office are you running and do you install the latest Security patches regularly?

What Security Software are you running and is it updated and run regularly.

Do other parts of your PC work normally?

  notsosuperspud 17:58 21 Jun 2008

It was an independent computer shop local to me where i bought it, the tower is a Tsunami if it helps. I have an Epson Stylus Photo R240, Logitech Quickcam Messenger. I am running Microsoft Office 2003. I have AVG and Norton.
All scans have been done and there is nothing showing, i have been to all the saites and i have all the latest updates and downloads. Everything has been fine for the last year or so but it all just stopped working yesterday, i nave not done anything different to what i normally do.

  User-1229748 18:07 21 Jun 2008

sorry if this is a daft question but what avg and what norton are you running?

  notsosuperspud 18:16 21 Jun 2008

I am running the latest AVG free edition 8.0 and norton came free with the broadband provider, it does not tell me which versions but all updates were done yesterday for that

  User-1229748 18:27 21 Jun 2008

someone more knowledgable than myself may be able to assist you with your other problems but you shouldn't run two anti-virus on the same machine.

  notsosuperspud 18:28 21 Jun 2008

ok thx smackheadz

  wee eddie 18:29 21 Jun 2008

Check which version of Norton that you have.

Go to Norton's website and download the Uninstaller for that version.

Uninstall Norton. You must use the specific Uninstaller as Norton has Protection against Viruses that might try to uninstall it.

Having 2 Anti Virus Programs (even if you're only using one)on a PC is a recipe for conflicts and probably leaves you unprotected.

  notsosuperspud 18:31 21 Jun 2008

i will do that, but they have been running together since i had the pc with no problems so there has to be something else wrong as well

  wee eddie 18:36 21 Jun 2008

Sometimes conflicts can be weird and I certainly don't have more than a little experience.

So ~ One step at a time.

Do you have any Anti Spyware installed?

  woodchip 19:12 21 Jun 2008

As two of the Items are USB, remove them from the sockets, turn off all power and remove plug from wall also remove battery if its a laptop, Press and hold start button for ten seconds. Reboot and plug items in one at a time and test

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