Printer too green, computer at fault? Help please.

  LAP 17:53 18 Dec 2005

Running win xp with Epson R200 & R300 printer. On my computer for some reason the dark colours are tinged with dark green, even the grayscale prints. Both the printers are the same even with the driver updates no matter what the settings are. Run both these on the wifes and they work perfectly. I have replaced the printer USB cable. Therefore is it my computer that is at fault and what can I do to correct it? Any ideas, thanks.

  LAP 18:33 18 Dec 2005

Iv'e also been and cleaned out everything to do with Epson in add & remove and also the registry.
Used CCleaner and reinstalled. Still no good.

  recap 18:36 18 Dec 2005

In the properties of the Epson printers there is an option to allow Epson to recharge the cartridges. This is done via their own web site. You could give that option a go and see if it resolves the issue?

  woodchip 18:39 18 Dec 2005

You are missing a colour, Go to Start Settings Printers right click you printer\properties Print test Page button

  LAP 19:42 18 Dec 2005

recap, I have not been able to locate the 'Epson to recharge the cartridges' in the printer properties as you suggested. But I have been on the Epson site and run the 'Printer Diagnosis' this returned "no errors".

woodchip, I run the test and this printed perfectly.

Thank you both, but I have tried the R200 & R300 on my computer with exactly the same result. But on my wifes they both print perfectly. Do you think that there is something wrong with my computer?

  PA28 19:53 18 Dec 2005

This doesn't make too much sense, though I'd have gone with Woodchip's solution. As the test page printed perfectly there's nothing wrong with your computer. That leaves only the colour settings on your photo-editing software - check 'em and if neceassary reinstall the software from scratch, making sure to delete any saved colour profiles along the way.

  LAP 20:01 18 Dec 2005

PA28, thanks will uninstall/reinstall Adobe Elements 3 and will come back tomorrow with a reply.

  woodchip 21:11 18 Dec 2005

You can change the printer settings in Properties\Custom\Advanced you will see sliders for colour etc you can save to create, and adjust the map

  LAP 22:04 18 Dec 2005

PA28, I have reinstalled Elements 3. No change!
woodchip, I have changed these so many times with no luck as yet.

Why are the printers useless on my computer and yet they work perfectly on my wifes?

  DieSse 22:44 18 Dec 2005

*Why are the printers useless on my computer and yet they work perfectly on my wifes?*

There *MUST BE* somthing different. A setting in the computer - or where the printers are - are they level? - sit firmly on whatever you sit them on? Try moving them to a different position.

  Belatucadrus 22:50 18 Dec 2005

Do all programs produce this effect, or is it only Elements ?

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