Printer Storage..Suggestions please

  Dumfy 11:35 23 Mar 2004

Hi All,

I'll upgrading my printer shortly, an Epson Stylus Photo 750 and it will be going into storage when the new one arrives.

I was wondering what the best procedure is for long term storage of a printer? I'm concerned about the ink drying up in the heads rendering it difficult to clean or even re-use.

I'll be building a PC for my father-in-law for Christmas this year (forward planning, eh?) and my old printer would suit him fine...provided I can store it properly.

All suggestions greatly appreciated.



  Al94 11:43 23 Mar 2004

I had a surplus Epson stored in the loft for almost two years, when it was brought down and sold with an old PC as a package, I was surprised that it worked first time! I may have had to put it through a cleaning operation once but that was it.

  Belatucadrus 11:45 23 Mar 2004

You may lose the print cartridges to drying after long term storage anyway, but try the following:-

1) Remove the ink cartridges and put each one in a small polythene bag.

2) Seal the bags with sticky tape.

3) Store bagged cartridges somewhere cool.

4) Put the printer somewhere safe, preferably in a box. If you can get hold of it adding a desiccant like silica gel is also a good idea to keep it dry.

  Gongoozler 11:47 23 Mar 2004

I wouldn't recommend putting an Epson printer into storage. As you fear, ink drying in the heads will be a problem. You may be able to prevent this by running a cleaning fluid through the heads first, but it is still very likely that some of the head channels will become clogged which will very likely be irreparable.

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