Printer stopped working!

  Guady 12:59 16 Feb 2008

I'm trying to help a friend solve a problem with his HP printer / Desk Top PC. A week or so ago the printer just stopped working - I had a look and tried deleting the "queued" documents, hoping that might clear it but it didn't. He took the printer into the local "PC doctor" who attached it to his own PC - where it printed fine. PC doctor suggested uninstalling the printer and then re-installing via Win XP. We tried to do this, but the printer would not delete! We moved it to another Port and tried reinstalling Printer again on Port 1 - but still would not print. Has anyone any suggestions, please. The PC does not have USB ports - only the old pronged type. Any advice much appreciated!!

  Forum Editor 13:14 16 Feb 2008

That sounds like a pretty ancient computer.

The printer's obviously fine, and you say there were documents in the print queue, so it sounds like a communications problem between the printer and the parallel port.

The first thing to check is the port itself - make sure no pins are bent or missing. Then do the same at the printer end. If all is well, and the cable is fine - which it will be if it worked on another machine - there's almost certainly a driver issue. Try removing the old HP driver, and install the latest version for the printer; you can download that from the HP site.

  Guady 17:37 17 Feb 2008

Thanks for the info. Have checked the pins and they are fine and have also downloaded the new drivers from the website. Immediately after doing that, I thought we had succeeded as it printed a 1 page Word document and then 1 page of a 7 page document from the internet. However, after the one page, it just started sending through page after page of blank paper! Then it came up with the (now) familiar message about - This document failed to print. Error. Even after deleting and re-trying it was no good. So near and yet so far!! Also while I was round there having a look, they mentioned that music CDs would no longer play - Again I managed (don't know quite how!) to copy one track to the C drive and get it to play - but that was it. All in all I didn't have much success. Any further thoughts / advice would be very welcome.

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