Printer shovijng out blanks!

  haricot 14:20 30 Nov 2010

Can someone be good enough to tell me why my Canon Pixma 500 Printer has started to spew out blank pages in adition to the page that I am printing off?


  compumac 14:24 30 Nov 2010

What programme are you using when you print its content?

  haricot 14:30 30 Nov 2010

Hi there and thanks for responding.

No particular one . It happens if I just try to print anything off of the Internet for instance or any web page or whatever or from wherever.

Anything printing gives me these extra blank sheets.

It has just occurred to me it anything to do with using a cheaper paper perhaps?

It has never happened before and I've used all sorts of paper in the past.

  Pineman100 14:44 30 Nov 2010

Are the extra blank sheets delivered *after* the intended printed page, or could they be passing through the printer underneath the printed page?

If the latter, then it's possible that your choice of paper might be to blame. But if the former, then I don't think it could be.

  compumac 14:45 30 Nov 2010

Do the extra sheets come out at the same time as the required one or do they follow afterwards?

  compumac 15:33 30 Nov 2010

Pineman100 and I both thinking the same

  haricot 19:24 30 Nov 2010

Thanks you two, I appreciate your respnses.

In the main they come out under the printed sheet
but it is a bit sporadic.

I agree however that it might be the paper so I'll get another ream of good quality stuff and see what happens.

Thanks again guys.

  compumac 19:32 30 Nov 2010

If it comes out with the expected printout then it could be that the paper, when placed in te input tray has not been put in uniformly/compactly or is it possible that the paper is a tad dampish? Again it may be the pick up rollers being mucky.

  haricot 19:42 30 Nov 2010

Yeah, I take your point but as I have never cleaned the rollers I'll have to figure out how to do that. But I will and thanks again.

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