Printer sharing

  geedad 09:02 26 Nov 2010

Just routed 2 PCs. Now I want to share a printer.
I have looked at the options, but cannot determine if, on PC 2, has the correct port assignation.
Here's what shows:
Environment. Version. Installed.
Alpha WinNT 4 NO
IA64 Win XP NO
Intel Win 2000/XP YES
Intel 95,98 and ME NO
Intel Win NT4.0/2000 NO
X64 Windows XP NO
These appear under the heading of "Additional Printer Drivers"
The Epson 830U printing is OK on PC 1.
PC 1 is Windows 7, and PC 2 is Windows XP, both now connected via a router.The printer was originally running on the (old) PC 2, and when I got PC 1, it auto configured the printer to work on that.
Could I use one of the other options shown, to make the printer work on PC 2?

  mgmcc 12:54 26 Nov 2010

I can't help thinking that you're making this far more complex than it is.

As the printer was previously used with PC2, it will already have the necessary drivers installed. Set the printer as "shared" in PC1 then in PC2 (XP) open "My Network Places" and navigate to the shared printer in PC1. Double click it and that should install it as a "network printer" in PC2.

  geedad 21:09 26 Nov 2010

Thank you for your suggestion, but I still can't print from PC 2.
I have VERY CAREFULLY followed your advice.
Is there anything else I can do?
PC1 prints OK, and , as you rightly stated, the drivers are already installed on PC 2.
Nothing happens in the final stage, after clicking on the shared printer. Would/should another printer icon appear as "network printer" in the same dialog box?
Thanks again,

  mgmcc 22:10 26 Nov 2010

In PC2 you would have the printer already installed from when it was used with that PC.

After 'browsing' over the network to the 'shared' printer in PC1 and double clicking it, PC2 should have the printer installed a second time but as a 'network printer'. This is in PC2's Printers folder.

Provided PC1 is running and the printer is switched on, PC2 should be able to print to it using the 'network printer'.

If that hasn't worked, try dragging the printer from PC1's "Devices & Printers" folder into PC2's Printers folder.

  geedad 23:42 26 Nov 2010

Many thanks,again.
I will try that tomorrow, and come back to you to let you know how I get on.

  geedad 14:49 27 Nov 2010


That hasn't worked!
How do I drag files from PC 1 to PC 2?
( Just shows how new I am to "routing"!)

  mgmcc 16:04 27 Nov 2010

I assume that in Windows 7 you have Printer Sharing enabled? Open the "Network & Sharing Center" and click the link at the left for "Change advanced sharing settings" and make sure you have set to 'On' in the Home or Work section...

- Network Discovery
- File and printer sharing
- Public folder sharing
- File sharing for devices that use 40-bit or 56-bit encryption.

  mgmcc 16:12 27 Nov 2010

[I pressed the Post Response button prematurely]

Set to 'Off'

- Password protected sharing.

Then, in the XP PC, you need to have two Windows open...

1) My Network Places in which you navigate to the shared printer in the Windows 7 PC.

2) XP's "Printers" folder.

With both windows open in the desktop, drag the shared printer from Windows 7 into XP's Printers folder.

>>> Just shows how new I am to "routing"!

This is actually "networking". Routing is the function carried out by a "Router" to provide simultaneous internet access to multiple computers from a single ISP connection.

  geedad 14:29 29 Nov 2010

First, let me confirm that Windows 7 "Printer Sharing" "change advanced sharing settings" are set to "ON", and Passworw Protected sharing is !OFF".
Regarding the two windows opening, (1) "My Network Place" and (2) XP's "Printer folder", I seem to have got somewhat lost.
I seem to end up with both windows looking exactly the same!
Let me explain what I have done:
I went to "Control Panel", then Printers and Faxes", and, on screen it shows the Epson Stylus Photo 830U twice. On hovering over the first printer icon, a dialogue box opens showing: STATUS: Ready, documents 0.
When I hover over the second printer icon, it shows:
STATUS: Offline, documents 0.
I then navigate to "My Network Places", "Printers and Faxes", and I get EXACTLY the same 2 printer icons, with the same information shown.
So, at this point, I am lost!
If you feel that you are not getting anywhere with me,( I know this must be taking a lot of your time), then please let me know. I do appreciate the time you have already given to this posting.

  mgmcc 16:05 29 Nov 2010

Have a look at this screenshot click here The left window shows the "shared" items in Windows 7 as viewed from My Network Places in XP. The right window is XP's Printers folder. You need to drag your printer from the left to the right window. The icon with the bar underneath is the "Network Printer".

  geedad 23:27 29 Nov 2010

Thank you again. I will study that tomorrow.

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