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  terryco 13:40 08 Dec 2009

Hi, I have a Pixma mp480 printer connected to my pc via a usb lead. I have Vista 32 on the pc and have Sky broadband with a white Netgear router. I have bought a wifi laptop running Windows 7 and i found the broaband connection easily on the laptop. The problem is i cannot print from my laptop using wifi. Canon tell me i have to buy a bluetooth for about £80. I only paid £48 for the printer. I have been on several forums and the instructions they give me are for Vista and Xp combinations and not Windows 7. I understand it is possible for this to work setting up a home network but all that i have tried have failed. I need a step by step help from scratch if anyone can assist me i would be most gratefull. Do i have to install the printer software on the laptop?

  folsom 14:02 08 Dec 2009


  Terry Brown 14:06 08 Dec 2009

For every computer that you need to run a printer from, it must have the printer software installed on that Computer

  terryco 14:19 08 Dec 2009

I had allready installed the software on the laptop but cant get my head around the next bit. This is why i am hoping someone can take me through an easy step by step instructions as to opening a home network that will work between my laptop with windows 7 and my pc with Vista.

  ventanas 16:34 08 Dec 2009

Assuming 7 is similar to Vista open Control Panel\Network and Sharing and make sure everything you're likely to need is turned on (Network Discovery; Printer Sharing etc). Then open the Printers folder, right click on your printer, choose sharing and put a tick in Share this printer - note the printer name in the box.
Go the the other machine and add a printer (Do not use the CD for the printer, if you have already done this uninstall it) Choose Networked or connected to another computer and your printer should appear. Select it and follow the prompts to install.

  terryco 21:28 08 Dec 2009

Thank you ventanas, but Windows 7 is not the same as Vista and Xp, and this is my problem, I am told to do the thing i want, "File names have to be changed" this is why i need someone with knowledge to help me. Every one from different forums are trying to help, but no one can tell me how to do it. I will ask again can someone run me through on a simple way as to do the question i have asked. Also you tell me do not install software to the laptop. Previous helpers tell to insttall it. This is whats cracking my brains.

  ventanas 22:10 08 Dec 2009

I don't understand about file names, I think you have become confused there, but the Workgroup name will have to be the same, in vista it's WORKGROUP. No idea what it is in 7, but they must be the same.
Vista - right click computer\properties\advanced settings\computer name tab

Where it is in 7 I have no idea, but it shouldn't take much to find out.

A quick look on the net suggests thst in 7 it is also WORKGROUP.

You should not need to install the driver from the CD, it will install the few necessary files from the other computer that already has it. Don't forget that you will still be printing from the first PC (the one with the printer attached). All you are doing is linking to it.
I have three Vista PC's and one XP netbook all sharing the same printer. I only had to use the CD once and all three others were set up in seconds.
I have looked further on the net and it seems that Win 7 and Vista are virtually the same in this procedure. One other possibilty - have you turned off password protectes sharing in Control Panel.

  ambra4 22:26 08 Dec 2009

You need to set up Open Network and Shearing Center in Windows 7 correct

Right click on the Network Icon on the task bar – Click “Open Network and Shearing Center”

Click “Change Advanced shearing setting” and select “ Turn on Network Discovery”

Select “Turn on file and printer shearing”

Select the other selections as required

  terryco 07:35 09 Dec 2009

Thanks for the advice. I'll try it and reply later

  john bunyan 18:45 10 Dec 2009

I have just bought a Canon MP640, just with USB at the mo with my desktop. I intend to buy my wife a laptop shortly and understand the wi fi on the printer is not ok with Wirless N. I am going to try plugging the printer into the modem/router with an ethernet cable then treating it as a network printer, using the ethernet connection for the desktop and wi fi via the router for the laptop. am working through the manual!In my case both will be on W7 64 bit and I had to download different drivers from those on the CD., You may have to have different drivers on each PC . I found Canon technical not too bad on the phone.

  Strawballs 00:49 11 Dec 2009

Win7 has a password system for a network that only works with other 7 systems I had same problem, switched off password in 7 and now have network working across 2XP,1Vista and 1 win 7 network

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