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  v8 21:44 06 Jul 2006

hi guys - this is in the faint hope this can be cured simply! two computers wired via a mentor router - no probs sharing internet or files, however problem sharing printer. both running xp pro sp2 (tried switching off all firewalls), printer (epson stylus) attached to "main" computer via usb. can set up printer sharing no probs - on client pc i can browse to the printer and it sets up successfully (or so it says!), but wont print documents. click on the printer icon in the notification area, and it eventually tells me there is a "communication error." strange part is, when i go into printers and faxes on host pc and hover mouse over printer icon, it acknowledges that there is a document waiting to be printed. now - the bit which i hope will be simple but i fear wont - using the "troubleshoot printing" option, i come across a statement that both computers have the same name, go into control panel>system>computer name and change one name. trouble is, the names are different here (one is "main" the other "cate"), but when i go to run>cmd to ipconfig them or ping them, both on the host AND the client pc at the command prompt i get:

c:\documents and settings\cate>

is there a way of changing this manually? will i have to reload xp over the top to get to the screen where you can give the computer a name? (will that actually work?). can it be done by editing the registry? (i tried using windows explorer and just changing the name on one computer, but it said it was a system file and couldnt be changed).
the computers were rebuilt at different times, and my memory isnt what it used to be or i wouldnt have put the same name in both!
any help is, as always, gratefully received.

  ade.h 22:26 06 Jul 2006

You rename a PC via the properties pallette of My Computer. Go to the Computer Name tab and click on the Change button.

Don't confuse the PC's name with the names of its User Accounts.

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