Printer & Scanner connection problem

  weeme 00:09 25 Jun 2003

I have an Epson C60 printer and a Mustek 1200 scanner both of which are connected to my PC via a USB connection each (there are only 2 USB ports available on my PC).
I now need to free up a USB port for a digital camera card there any way I can connect the scanner to run through the printer or vice versa??
The scanner has only a USB connection whereas the printer has something called a parallel cable....does this mean I can free up a USB if I use this cable??
Please reply in simple language as I am not yet an expert with my PC!

  Djohn 00:48 25 Jun 2003

Yes, you may use the parallel cable connection from your printer to the rear of your PC. This will leave you with one USB port free for camera.

You can also buy a USB, PCI card that fits inside your PC, this will give you another four USB ports at the rear.

They are very easy to fit, just remove the side panel from your PC, (After switching off) and the PCI card will fit in one of the free slots.

If you need more help with this, post back to same thread and someone will talk you through the procedure. j.

  weeme 00:57 25 Jun 2003

Where is the best place to buy a parallel cable and also when I reconnect printer using the parallel cable will the printer software CD need re-installing?
Does the USB from the scanner still just plug into the PC?
Thank you very much for your time......
(Told you I was no expert!)

  Djohn 01:15 25 Jun 2003

Me neither! :o)

PC World stock the cables, but I think you may find them cheaper at your local PC shop, all should carry them, it's pretty much a stock item. Easy to fit as both ends of the cable are different, at the printer end it plugs in and you will see two spring-wire clips on your printer, they are pulled back over the cable end to hold it fast.

At the rear of your PC you will see the connector, it may even have a small printer Icon on it. Push the cable in and there are two small screws on the end of the cable, tighten these by hand only. They are to stop your cable from falling out.

Do all this with the PC off. When finished, re-boot and if you are using XP as your operating system it will find the printer for you. You should not need to re-install the drivers, but if it is required for any reason, wait for your PC to ask you to install them and use your CD that came with the printer, follow instructions on screen, you will be up and running in no time.

Any problems at all just ask, I or one of the many other forum users will help you. Good luck. j.

  NinkyRudes 01:16 25 Jun 2003

Pop in to PC World and ask for one tomorrow morning if you want one straight away, otherwise go to and search for parallel cables.

I don't have an Epson C60, but I doubt it will hurt if you uninstall the driver software and then setup the printer again. This should prevent any problems with the computer not recognising the hardware.

Another option open to you is to purchase an external USB hub. These are relatively inexpensive, and connect to one of your USB ports making it into 4 or more. Again, PC World is your best bet, as long as you don't mind paying a couple of quid over the odds!

  NinkyRudes 01:18 25 Jun 2003

We were obviously both composing our answers at the same time. Yours is more 'technophobe friendly' though ;O)

  Djohn 01:23 25 Jun 2003

I like that :o)

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