Printer recommendation and setup problem

  Simsy 11:11 05 Jan 2012


I've just got round to installing a new printer for my dad. (It was actually bought some months ago but I've only got round to doing it!)

It's an Epson SX525WD Multifunction.

The installation didn't go as smoothly as I would have liked, but I did finally get it working... mostly.

A simple diagram of the instalation is here;

The situation as of now is as follows;

The printer works just fine from the desktop PC Scanning appears to work fine from the desktop PC, but, according to the instructions you should also be able to scan, from the scanner, to the PC, using the controls on the scanner. This we can't do, because the PC doesn't appear as available on the scanners screen. This isn't a major problem, but is does suggest something isn't correct with the software installation.

Printing works fine from the laptop, but scanner can't be seen from the laptop. Again this isn't a problem, because we never expect that to happen. But it does suggest something is wrong with the install.

Both the Desktop and laptop above are running Win 7. (64 on desktop, 32 on laptop)

Now the reason I'd like to get thsi sorted is because I'm about to buy/install a new multifunction for my sister. This will have an identical setup to the diagram, but in this case scanning from the laptop will be required. (Both these are running XP home 32bit)

The note that the unit is connected to the router with ethernet, not wireless. This is deliberate.

So I have two questions... 1)Bearing in mind that I'm experienced in installing stuff, including drivers, and I tried many options, can anyone suggest where things might have gone wrong, and how to rectify the above problems.

2) I was intending to get the same unit, (Epson SX525WD) for my sister, which is available for about £75. I've had a quick look about, and can't see anything else at the same sort of price point, that's got an ethernet connection. Any recommendations of alternatives are welcome, becasue I really dont want the same problems in a couple of weeks!

Thanks in advance,



  Woolwell 11:16 05 Jan 2012

I very recently installed an SX535WD without any snags. It is important that you install on one system first and then add additional systems. It is also important that you follow the instructions in exactly the right order. The network guide available to download from Epson Support should help.

  Simsy 11:27 05 Jan 2012

Thanks Woolwell...

Yes, I did do exactly that, and used the network guide.

I got it working, (as far as I have done), on the desktop, before starting on the laptop. I ended up Uninstalling each component on the desktop and rebooting, before starting from scratch again before getting it to work at all.

One confusing point when installing on the laptop is that, because it's connecting to the router, (wirelessly), rather than wirelessly direct to the printer, (as per my diagram), I choose "ethernet" as the connection type. (It's just occurred to me that perhaps I should re-install on the laptop actually using an ethernet cable. Perhaps that might help.)

But that wouldn't explain the issues with the desktop PC.

Any other observations/comments/recommendations are welcome.



  Woolwell 15:41 05 Jan 2012

I think that you may have to start again. My printer is connected wirelessly to the router. the desktop by ethernet to the router and 3 other devices (laptops and tablet) wirelessly to the router. The printer recognises each one and I can scan from the printer to pc and vice versa. I did not install on the laptops using ethernet. However the only difference is that I have a mixture of Vista and XP.

Have you tried the Epson FAQ?

  Simsy 16:53 05 Jan 2012

Thanks again Woolwell...

I wanted to avoid wireless from printer to router, becasue it's a further complication for the others that I know I'll have to sort out! I figure using ethernet will be less aggravation for them, (and hence for me!)

Did you install the software from the supplied disc, or did you download the latest drivers from Epson?

Also, I note it's the 535 you have, which I can get cheaper than the 525 as well... Does the 535 have an ethernet socket? If it does I may go for that model instead.




  Woolwell 16:59 05 Jan 2012

The 535 has an ethernet socket. I installed from the supplied disc. They provided 2 discs with clear instructions to use the latest version. Why they didn't remove the old version I do not understand. I did install the printer to the desktop with cable between router at first but then installed on the laptops purely wirelessly and found that it made no difference. It was important that I got the printer connected to the wireless setup correctly and all of its lights shining. It promises to work fine with the high capacity inks and the duplex is good.

Once installed the software prompts for later drivers and also it did a firmware update which I did on the laptop wirelessly and that was without hassle (a bit to my surprise).

  Simsy 17:08 05 Jan 2012

So the laptops are connected directly to to printer wirelessly? If I have to do that I will... but I really wanted to avoid it if possible!




  Woolwell 17:29 05 Jan 2012

The laptops are connected to the router wirelessly and the printer to the router wireless. The desktop is connected to the router by ethernet. How the printer connects to the router is immaterial as it works exactly the same way and the installation is the same. My printer can now be plugged into the mains in any room and work with any of the systems. In practice it stays in one place.

  Simsy 17:38 05 Jan 2012


I'm just about to order the model you have!



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