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  Mastermind 11:35 17 Mar 2003

On Saturday I installed a new inkjet printer (HP DeskJet 5552),

I have printed a test page and one small picture. However, I have noticed that there is already some ink (about the size of a £2 coin) on the pad beneath each ink cartridge.

Is this normal? I wasn't sure so I sent HP a quick email explaining my concerns and asking them there opinion. I was confused when I received a reply telling me that this meant that my printer needed servicing. I restated that the printed was less than a day old, but was given the same advice.

Could anyone tell me whether there is anything wrong with my new printer?

  €dstow 11:39 17 Mar 2003

I would take/send it back and get a replacement.

The problem is most likely due to faulty cartridges which can easily be fixed but, with a new system it is your right to have a fully operating, fault free printer.


  morrigan 12:02 17 Mar 2003

would also take it bak and get a replacement there have been a few issues like thuis concerning HP

  Mastermind 13:17 17 Mar 2003

Can you point me to any webpages that mention any HP issues like this?

  Mastermind 15:26 20 Mar 2003

Tuesday evening I sent an email to the website that I purchased the printer from, PC World. I wouldn't normally buy anything from them, but it was a special offer. I haven't received a reply yet.

  TimC 15:43 20 Mar 2003

If you can take it back to a shop and get a replacement.

They may try and say that it is a web offer only and as such has to go back to PC World online, but that's nonsense. Go to the click here and click on "Customer Service" and then "Returns Policy". Print it off. There it states:

Return of faulty goods within 28 days
If there is a fault with your product (or other defect with your order) you may return the product within 28 days of delivery for replacement or refund: please phone PC World aftersales on 0870 3331222 (9am to 8pm Monday to Friday, 9am – 5pm Saturday to Sunday) or return it to your local PC World store.

We will replace the product or refund your money when:

the product is otherwise in 'as-new' condition;
the product is complete with any accessories and, if possible, the instructions, the original box and packaging;
you return any free gifts offered with the product.
If a pre-recorded DVD, CD or software title is faulty under guarantee we will happily exchange it for the same title or refund your money.

Our promise to replace or refund products does not apply to faults caused by accident, neglect or misuse.

Where goods are refunded due to fault or other defect, we will refund delivery charges. We will also pay for the cost of collecting goods for replacement or refund if they are not taken into a store.

However, after the 28 days, go direct to the manufacturer, you'll get much better service than letting them loose on it ~ my HP PC was collected, repaired and returned within 6 days. I chose not to contact PC World!

  Mastermind 13:40 21 Mar 2003

I'm going to travel out to PC World this evening and see what they say. Any more advice would be greatly appreciated.

  vinnyT 14:43 21 Mar 2003

Just 1 thing to add, take a print out of the email from HP stating that the printer needs servicing.

  Djohn 14:53 21 Mar 2003

If you phone Customer services, and explain you have had the printer for a few days, and it had a fault from the start, they will ask you to take it back to your nearest store for exchange or refund.

Once at the store, go to the service desk, explain in a polite manner, the problem, and if they can see it they will ask you to go and choose another one. It really is as straight forward as that, and PC World in my experience have always been first class at exchanging Items.

Only last week I took back a monitor stand (£24-00), I had it for seven weeks, but the keyboard tray was sticking, gave me a full refund. The important point of this, is the fact, I had disposed of the box and lost the receipt.

  €dstow 14:54 21 Mar 2003


Take all your receipts as well as the HP email and claim your rights under the Sale of Goods Act click here You might like to have a skim through it or even take a copy with you to indicate you mean business

Keep your cool:

however much they try to fob you off.

however idiotic they may be or try to make you appear.

do not accept a repair.

Remember at all times the law is on your side in this and it is they who have to do something.


  Mastermind 14:07 24 Mar 2003

I got the bus to the nearest PC World store with the printer.

Despite the assistant trying to intimidate me I was eventually given a replacement.

However, this isn’t the end of the story.

I took the new one out of the box and found it had a large dent in the front of the casing. I decided that I shouldn't have to put up with this so I went into the store again on Saturday and pointed it out. This time they wouldn’t budge. I was told that they didn’t consider cosmetic damage to be a fault and as long as it functioned correctly they couldn’t exchange it. I left feeling very angry and dissatisfied. Surely I'm not expecting too much?

I have written a letter to PC World telling them of my experiences.

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