Printer question

  Hetti 13:47 19 Feb 2005

I have a Lexmark X2230 all in one, I have looked at the manuel but cannot find out how to print just the selected items. I tried highlighting but it still printed everything on the page which just a waste of (very expensive) ink

  VoG II 13:48 19 Feb 2005

Printing from which program?

  Hetti 14:38 19 Feb 2005


Im not sure I understand the question, but if you mean "what am I trying to print" this happens no matter what I'm trying to print in any progamme. I cannot select the item I want printed I have to print the full page, ie when my hubby trys to print a page from the The Racing Post website (horse form) it prints all items displayed even when he highlights the item he wants

  Djohn 14:47 19 Feb 2005

When you highlight the text Hetti, go to file/print and not the printer Icon on the top of the page. From there click on print and a dialogue box will come up on screen, place a dot in the second one down "Print selection" It should now print only what you have selected.

  CHAIRLEG 14:48 19 Feb 2005

click here This is a great little programme bottom of page at right.From this forum.

  Djohn 14:50 19 Feb 2005

It may be the third selection and not the second, depends on your printer, but the wording will be similar to Print selection or Selected print only.

  Hetti 14:54 19 Feb 2005


I tried that and it will not let me put the dot in "selection" it will only let me use "all" or "pages" option, the "selection" option is greyed out.

  Djohn 15:17 19 Feb 2005

I'm not sure why the selection is greyed out Hetti. If you have highlighted a section of text from a web page or from any other application then the option should be there.

My apologies Hetti for asking what may seem a very basic question but I don't know how experienced you are in printing a section of text.

When you have highlighted the text, is it still highlighted when you go to File/Print? If it is and you still don't have the option to print, then for the time being until someone can suggest different try highlighting the text from the web page, copy/paste to word, delete anything not required and print from there.

  Hetti 15:30 19 Feb 2005

No apology needed..... Im a novice, thats why I did not know I had to highlight the text before going to the print options (lol).

I feel a bit of a fool but if I had not asked I would still looking for the answer next week.

Thanks so much

  wee eddie 15:43 19 Feb 2005

We all start life as infants.

Always ask - There will be others who see your thread and suddenly realise that they have the answer to a question they did not even know they had.

  Djohn 16:10 19 Feb 2005

Not foolish at all, I'm pleased I asked the question though as I did think twice before doing so.

It was from this forum over three years back that I found out the exact same thing myself. Pleased all is now sorted.

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