Printer Problem(usb1 to usb2)

  Vindaloo 11:28 18 Jun 2007

Hi i need a little bit of help.I have had this problem for a while not that it has stopped me from printing anything but,how do i change my printer to see a usb2 port and not a usb1 port.
The printer i have got is a Epson R300.

  TonyM 11:36 18 Jun 2007

Your printer should connect quite happily to whatever USB ports you have - what error message/problems are you getting ?

  wee eddie 11:54 18 Jun 2007

I take it that your Printer is designed to support USB1. If so, that's the speed it does, even through a USB2 Port.

Like your push bike will never do 70mph even if you put it on the motorway.

  Totally-braindead 11:56 18 Jun 2007

If you have USB 2.0 then you plug the printer in thats all you have to do. If its saying something about the port not being USB 2.0 then I would think its because the port on the PC is USB 1.1 not USB 2.0.

That aside, with printers and scanners the difference in speed is very small between using a USB 1.1 and a USB 2.0 port as the actual machines aren't that fast anyway. You would notice the difference with a USB hard drive or even a flash drive but I wouldn't have thought you would notice anything with a printer as they are fairly slow anyway.

  spuds 12:06 18 Jun 2007

In one of my computers I have a 'upgrade' USB1 to USB2 card with 4 ports. The printer still suggests that I use USB2 for better results. There doesn't seem to be any speed difference,and the printer (HP) is chugging away happily, so I haven't followed up the information message.

  Vindaloo 19:45 18 Jun 2007

Thanks for all of your replies.
I am not getting any error messages.The only thing that concerns me is that it says i am connected to usb1 even though all my ports are usb2.Anyway to what you have mentioned there is no real difference between the two.Once again thanks for your quick replies.

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