Printer problems-help!

  polo 17:22 31 Jan 2005

Ive got two Epson printers and have problems with both and would appreciate any advice. They are both old but have been great till now and the compatable inks are so cheap so I'm loth to get rid of them. They are the Epson 760 and the Epson Photo 1200
EPSON 760. With this one I have some sort of mechanicle trouble. When the carriage gets to the left hand side it sticks and keeps the most awful noise as though it is try to release itself. The best way I can describe the noise is as if you had taken a stick (as we did as kids) and dragged it along some railings. Any one any ideas as to the problem?
EPSON PHOTO 1200.With this printer I have a colour problem. It prints terribly pink no matter what I do. I've done a nozzle check to ensure that no heads are blocked. I've tried to adjust the colour combination through the software when printing but to no avail. It may need calibrating but I don' know how to do that. POLO

  Fruit Bat /\0/\ 17:40 31 Jan 2005

Try this epsom utility click here

  Buchan 35 20:32 31 Jan 2005

I`ve an Epson C44ux and it began to blink a bit on me some time last year. I did`nt know what to do so I found who the local Epson man, nearest to me, was and for £10. he put it right. I`d been filling old cartridges and reusing. I knew that it was`nt the best thing in the world to do but as I wanted colour and B/W it was a cheap way out. It could have cost me my printer like it did my old Epson 760.Colour compatible is OK. Ask Epson who your nearest engineer is and visit the man, it`s worth it.

  polo 23:21 01 Feb 2005

Thanks for the help so far, some more ideas would be helpful

  polo 19:55 04 Feb 2005

I seem to have got my A4 printer going again but now it too seems to be printing too pink just like the A3 printer. Anyone any idea how I can get rid of this colour cast, or are the printers maybe no good any more, they are nearly 5 years old.

  Technotiger 20:00 04 Feb 2005

Hi, my old epson col850stylus started printing in pink too. Got rid of it and bought new Epson C86.

Cheap enough these days.


  woodchip 20:08 04 Feb 2005

Go to Start Settings Printer Right click your printer and click print test page and see what colour is missing

  woodchip 20:09 04 Feb 2005

Probably Green

  jakimo 23:00 04 Feb 2005

In the case of the sticking carriage, the bright metal rail on which the carriage travels may have dried out,dampen a soft cloth with a light oil (sewing machine oil is ok) and lightly lubricate the whole length of the rail

  polo 20:44 06 Feb 2005

Test page shows all colours printing fine.

  woodchip 22:28 06 Feb 2005

Then it must be the settings in the Printer Properties why you are getting the colour or the Program that you are printing from May be over-riding the Printer driver settings. Try another program to print from or check the above

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