Printer problems

  vienna1981 17:49 03 Feb 2003

Hi, I am very upset as I have more problems with my printer. I got my first printer an Epson Stylus 580 in 2000, but after about 8 months this printer broke and i was sent a replacement which then broke, I was sent a further 9 replacements all with faults until Epson finally sent my a stylus C40UX. This printer worked fine until now I was printing and after the page had finished printing a received an error message basically saying parts in my printer needed replaced or maintained. I contacted Epson who told me that since my warranty was up they couldn't replace it and it would cost too much to fix and so I should just buy a new printer. However I have lost all faith in Epson and am unsure whether I should purchase a new Epson and take out an extended warranty or go for a different make altogether. I'm a student so I buy comaptible cartridges as i can't afford the real ones, does anyone have any advice, thanks

  GANDALF <|:-)> 17:51 03 Feb 2003

You had 10 faulty printers.....?


  watchful 18:09 03 Feb 2003

I use compatibles (because I can't afford the 'real' ones) with my Epson C20UX and have had good service from Epson so far. I can recommend them.

  €dstow 18:15 03 Feb 2003

I am lost for words. Flabbergasted!

I am something of a fan of Epson printers - we have a number of them here - but have NEVER had one go wrong on me. OK, I've worn a couple out through hard work but never had one faulty or break on me, never mind 10.

What are you doing to them to make them behave in this way? What comments do Epson make when you return the "broken" printers to them?


  vienna1981 18:26 03 Feb 2003

Probably being born on the 13th has caused me bad luck! I honestly don't know!!! I can definitely assure you that the faults are not inflicted deliberately as I get really stressed when one breaks! 8 of the replacements I couldnt use as they were faulty when delivered to me 2 of these being recognised as a different model by the Pc and 2 were badly packed and so had broken during delivery and so the problems with these cannot be my fault as they were faulty/broken before I received them. I don't use my printer that often, but when I do use it its to print out essays for Uni and so they can be between 5 to 30 pages long! My first printer packed in after printing out a 15 page long essay, the 2nd one just stopped working and this one I had no problems with until now but I had noticed it printing out much more slowly than usual when printing from the internet! Epson have been great until now as I was made to feel "stupid" and that I was ungrateful when all I asked them was what they may think could be the problem as I don't want to purchase a new printer if the one I have can be fixed cheaply. I am very careful with all my things and read all instructions carefully. Therefore I don't want anyone here to think I am breaking my printers when I am not.

  jazzypop 18:30 03 Feb 2003

Gary beats you - he's had 11 faulty Epsons :)

See click here

  vienna1981 18:31 03 Feb 2003

the poor guy who had to constantly deliver my replacments to me said another guy had the same problem with his epson and eventually they gave him a new model, all my replacements had been stylus 580s and apparantely there had been a few problems with these that is why they finally sent me the C40UX, which I have had for a year now. I liked Epson printers but as I have said I'm not too sure about them now and believe me I can't afford to get a new printer!

  vienna1981 18:34 03 Feb 2003

Thank you Jazzypop, maybe this will stop people from thinking I was inflicting deliberate pain on my printers!!!

  €dstow 18:39 03 Feb 2003

Have another go at Epson for some sort of recompense. If, as you say there have been known problems with the 580 model, you deserve better than it seems you have been treated.

Epson used to have impeccable customer service arrangements. It seems less so now but, have another go at them anyway.


  €dstow 18:41 03 Feb 2003

You might point them to this forum as well to let them know your complaints are now public.


  jazzypop 18:46 03 Feb 2003

Certainly any modern printer should be able to print a 30-page document in it's stride, and you certainly seem to have been very unlucky.


You had 8 months use from your original printer, and a further 12 months from your current one. Looking at Gary's thread (linked above), it seems that Epson only offer a 3 month warranty on exchange / repair items.

Given that fact, it looks as if you are going to have to rely on the kindness of friends to print your essays until you can save for a new one - unless your original printer had a 3 year warranty?

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