Printer problem on wireless network

  Pineman100 16:05 15 Aug 2009

For years my wife and I have shared an HP Photosmart printer on our wireless network. The printer was attached by USB to my XP PC, and shared via our wireless router with my wife's Vista laptop.

I've now bought myself a Vista laptop and attached the printer to it (USB). I've installed the drivers and the printer is working fine on my laptop.

At first, my wife's laptop wouldn't find the printer on the network. So I downloaded and reinstalled the HP drivers on her computer.

On her computer I then ran through the Add a Printer>Add a Network Printer routine in Control Panel, pointed it to the printer on my computer (I had to enter my username and password to gain access), and successfully printed a test page.

The printer showed as the default printer on her computer (and, of course, mine).

However, when I restarted my wife's laptop, it would no longer send a file to the printer. The file shows in the print queue as "printing" but nothing happens.

I've now reinstalled the printer twice on her computer, with exactly the same problem each time - after initial installation it will print via the network successfully, but as soon as her computer is restarted, everything falls apart.

Can you please tell me what I'm getting wrong?

  Pineman100 16:11 15 Aug 2009

By the way, I have tried a forum search, but nothing quite seems to match my problem.

  retep888 16:39 15 Aug 2009

1. Make sure both PCs enabled file & printer sharing in network discovery and your firewall adjusted as well.

2. On your PC,click and enable sharing HP printer in printer property.

3. On your wife's PC, open network and you should see your PC's icon,click that ,click the HP printer with a network bar underneath,click OK in the driver installation message.

4. print a test page afterwards.

  Pineman100 19:27 15 Aug 2009

I followed your instructions, and sure enough a test page printed successfully.

Then I restarted my wife's computer and... it's all gone wrong again!

On both computers, I have checked the following:-

Control Panel>Network and Internet>View network devices. Both computers list my wife's computer and mine in the network.

Control Panel>View network status and tasks. Both computers are set with the following items on: network discovery, file sharing, public folder sharing, printer sharing.

Control Panel>Printer. Both computers show the HP printer as shared, networked and default. Both have the printer drivers installed.

I've checked my firewall (Norton Internet Security 2009), and it lists both of our computers as recognised in the network.

I'm stumped! Do you have any more thoughts, please?

  Woolwell 19:41 15 Aug 2009

I'm guessing but I wonder if it is due to the fact the she has to log on to your computer?

  Pineman100 19:44 15 Aug 2009

Do you mean when I went through the "Add a network printer" process on her computer?
That's the only time I've had to log on to my computer (from hers).

  rdave13 19:45 15 Aug 2009

Just a thought, xp workgroup name was 'home' if I remember rightly. Did you change the Vista's workgroup name (workgroup by default) to 'home' when you had the xp machine attached to the printer? Now that the printer is attached to a vista machine the default workgroup name will be workgroup and not home. I's important also that the computers have different 'names'.
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  Woolwell 21:40 15 Aug 2009

I've got a Vista laptop printing off a Vista desktop without problems. Thinking this through I don't think that my original suggestion is relevant but I do wonder what happens if Norton is turned off when she tries to print after a re-start.

  T0SH 22:22 15 Aug 2009

There is a downloadable utility called Network Magic, it is not free but it does have a free trial period and any fixes it makes stay even after you uninstall it

click here

Load it on both PC`s run it and let it do its magic

sure beats getting a sore head :¬)

Cheers HC

  Pineman100 09:39 17 Aug 2009

rdave13 - I gave a cheer over your post! I discovered that that - as you suggested - I had forgotten to synchronise the workgroup name over the two computers. So I changed the name on my wife's computer (previously "home") to "workgroup" to match mine. And I checked that the two computers each have an individual name that is recognised by the network. All fine.

I thought that would do the trick. Wrong! Still no joy. So I restarted both computers. Nothing.

Woolwell - I have checked that both firewalls are permitting the network. I've even tried printing with both firewalls suspended. Failure.

Tosh - I downloaded Network Magic on to both computers and went through the lengthy firewall procedure and checklist for Norton 2009 settings. Nothing.

I then went through the "I can't print to a network printer" problem-solving routine on my wife's computer and managed to successfully print a test page. Hurray!!

Then I restarted both computers to make sure the solution would "stick"...... and I'm back to square one. It just won't print.

My next solution may involve the village pond and a sack. Anyone got any other ideas, pleeeeease?

  rdave13 10:49 17 Aug 2009

Anything here; click here

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