Printer problem on home network

  Faser 13:22 13 Sep 2005

Belkin DSL router, Belkin wireless PCI network card, Epson CX6600 and Win XP prof (PC). & home (laptop).

After upgrading my PC & laptop and reinstalling Windows I connected my new multi-function device to the PC via USB and networked them all. The printer is shown in "printers" on the laptop and file and printer sharing is on both machines.

The lap & PC communicate perfectly however I cannot print from the laptop. It sends the print file file to the PC however nothing happens. I have to delete the file from the PC before I can print from the PC again, any ideas?

  keith-236785 13:38 13 Sep 2005

sounds to me like the laptop is trying to print to file, instead of actually printing....and is sending the file to the desktop pc. check the laptop printer settings and make sure there isnt a tick in the print to file box (options avail;able when choosing to print from word etc...file/print then in the box that opens at the side of the preferences button, "Print to file" and a tick box, it should be empty, if there is a tick in it then that is your problem.

best i can offer as i dont have a wireless network.

good luck

  LastChip 13:48 13 Sep 2005

Is it shown as a network printer?

Have you checked the path?

For example, if the computer your printer is connected is named Tuesday and your printer name is CX6600, the path should look like this;


  Faser 19:25 13 Sep 2005

Thanks, I have now checked the above all okay. I even get the a pop up saying that my document is printing, still no print!

I have a suspicion the printer is trying to "talk" to the laptop and is being blocked by the router firewall and then waiting for a reply.

I am going to turn it off and try again.

  freaky 19:36 13 Sep 2005

Had a similar problem but from PC to PC. It was due to the settings of Norton Internet Security.

Played around with the settings, but in the end found it was easier to temporarily disable printed OK then.

  freaky 19:39 13 Sep 2005

I have NIS 04, on the latest version 05 you just tick a box to enable printer sharing. Unfortunately this facility is not included in my version!

  Strawballs 20:53 13 Sep 2005

do you have a software firewall like McAfee or zone alarm because I had the same trouble and when I was checking the event log on McAfee firewall it was blocking the printer after clicking alw it was fine

  Faser 18:17 14 Sep 2005

Thanks everyone, it was not the firewalls.

I reinstalled the printer and my network and it works. I have no idea what was wrong though!

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