Printer problem (Cannon BJC 6100)

  The Teacher 00:46 07 Dec 2003

My father has been given a PC that runs Windows 98 (some of you may remember I posted about a PC he had and we were trying to upgrade). The machine is working perfectly OK and I have installed Office, Norton etc., for him today.

The PC (from a family member) did not come with a printer and so he wanted to use the printer that he had bought for use with the previous machine, a Cannon BJC 6100 printer. I downloaded the drivers for the printer from Cannon's website and tried to install. The trouble is that the PC will not recognise the printer, the highest BJC printer mentioned in the list of printers is a 4500. Even using add new hardware does not work. The printer is connected correctly and there is power going through the printer.

How can I get the PC to recognise the hardware and so install the drivers for it? I have never had this problem before as usually new hardware, on my PC, is recognised straight away.

Many thanks

The Teacher

  cycoze 01:17 07 Dec 2003

The drivers from Canon are an executable file , you need to double left click the file to install the drivers .

From Canon click here :-

I have downloaded the Windows driver for my Bubble Jet printer. How do I install the driver?

After downloading the Windows driver for your printer, shutdown the computer.

Connect the printer cable (USB or parallel) to the computer and the printer.

Turn the printer off.

Locate the downloaded printer driver file and double click to extract the driver.

The extraction process ends with the message All items successfully extracted. Click OK.

The BJ Printer Driver Installer starts automatically. Click Next.

The Software License Agreement dialog box appears. Click Next if you agree.

After all files are copied to your computer, the Printer connection destination dialog box appears.

At this point make sure the printer cable is connected to the computer and the printer.
Turn the printer on.

The Installation Complete dialog box appears. Click Finish .

Just as an extra when installing drivers , windows list will certainly not have every make and model , you can ignore the list and select "have disk" , from where you will be able to browse to where ever your new drivers have been saved.

  The Teacher 22:12 07 Dec 2003

Done the "have disk" bit, I saved the file onto a CD-R for use on my father's machine. The file saved is of the zip type and the files did extract to "TEMP" in Windows. Looking at these files though I could not see one which would let me install. I did not however, turn the printer off.

I will try that, and see if it works. It won't be until next weekend, due to work, so I will post up then.

Advice on what the unzipped install part should look like would be welcome.

Ta for advice so far.

The Teacher.

  [email protected]@m 10:16 08 Dec 2003

You may find the printer will work fine with any of the drivers in '98. I can see the nearest one is BJC-4550. The connections on the cable are a standard configuration, for example, pin 8 signals 'out of paper'. ( I made that up).

If I'm correct, your father could instal the drivers over the phone.

  cycoze 18:26 08 Dec 2003

When you browse to the folder containing the drivers , you want to look for an "inf" file .

The link i gave you above was for an executable , once extracted it should pop up the installer .

  The Teacher 22:51 13 Dec 2003

Solved the problem with the drivers, installed etc., today.

Now for the next problem!!!

The printer itself is not printing. The paper just feeds straight through with no semblance of printing at all.

I have done all the cleaning and alignment etc., checks as allowed by the software but nothing comes through. The data is being sent to the printer and the printer is online. It is as though the feed button as been pressed!

I have checked Canons site and can find no relevant documentation to solve the problem and so I have submitted the above to them. However I feel that the forum will be faster and give better advice than they will.

Can anyone help? I have never used a Canon printer before and so I am stuck.

Many Thanks

  toxin 11:55 14 Dec 2003

Hi The Teacher!

You say it feeds straight through; is this at a fast rate without the printhead moving, or can you here the printhead moving from side to side?

Did you get any printout from the nozzle check?

If not, and the carriage is moving its sounds as if the nozzles are blocked.

  toxin 14:15 14 Dec 2003

Further thoughts:-
Can you print a windows test page?
Can you print some text using notepad or wordpad?
Is your printer port configured correctly?
Are you using LPT1 or USB?

  The Teacher 19:02 14 Dec 2003

Printer port is LPT1, it doesn't have a USB cable although the facility to use this is there.

I have tried test pages and got nothing at all but on one occasion it sounded as though the printer was in fact printing but the page came out blank, the rest of the time the paper just shot straight through.

I wondered if perhaps it could have something to do with the ink levels as there is a message that says the levels are low, but I have checked the levels and the are over half full!!

The printer won't print anything, either test pages via printer software or from Word or Notepad etc.

Many Thanks.

  The Teacher 19:03 14 Dec 2003

In addition to the above: I assume the port is configured properly as, for example in word, you send to print the dialogue box opens and there is an indicator that shows the data being written to the printer with message then that the data has been sent.

I don't know if this helps.

  toxin 20:48 14 Dec 2003

Hi again!

I'm stumped!

Just downloaded this from Canon.USA, don't know if it's any help!

Printer will not print from Windows
If you are unable to print from Windows, try the following:
Uninstall and reinstall the printer driver.
Do one of the following to uninstall or delete the printer driver:
Click the Windows Start button, point to Programs, point to BJ
Printer, then click Uninstall.
Click the Windows Start button, point to Settings, then click
Printers. Select the Canon printer icon, then select File Delete.
Do the following to reinstall the printer driver:
If you have the Canon Creative CD, locate the
x:\drivers\bjdriver\disk1\setup.exe where 'x' is the letter of
your CD-ROM drive
Double click the file to begin installation and follow the
directions on the screen.
Reboot your computer and reset the printer.
You can reset the printer by unplugging the printer for 30 seconds
while it is still powered on, then plug the unit back into the
power source and press the POWER button.
If you are using a parallel connection, make sure the printer is
connected directly to the back of the computer and not going
through another device such as a scanner or an external switch
Make sure to disable any other programs that may be attempting to
access the parallel port, such as parallel port scanners, tape
backup drives, or other printers.
Check the status of the printer port by doing the following:
Right click the My Computer icon and click Properties.
Click the Device Manager tab.
Double-click Ports (COM & LPT).
Double click Canon BJ ECP Printer Port or Canon BJ Printer Port.
(Note: drivers for older models may just state the port as:
Printer Port or ECP printer port)
The device status should read "This device is working properly".
If it does not, please contact your computer manufacturer.


The only other thing I can think of is:-
the waste ink tank is full, which will cause the printer to stop printing. I have a BJC8200 and on this model this is indicated by 10 beeps and the power light flashing,and printing will no longer be possible; call Canon for service.

Apologies for not being able to find a solution.

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