Printer Problem

  Elrond 17:24 02 Jan 2003
  Elrond 17:24 02 Jan 2003

My dad bought the HP Deskjet 3822 printer and has been having som trouble. He got illegal operation messages when trying to print so. I did a complete re-install of windows to start from scratch. He hasn't tried to print since i did that but he did today and had some probs. I went around and got the following:

Hpzstw05 performed an illegal operation

caused invalid page fault in module HPZSTW05 at 017:0040a7b5.

The printer then chucks out what was printing and then prints out loads of crap, symbols letters numbers in no particular order.

My dad's on Win98SE

Any Ideas. Thanks

  Elrond 18:11 02 Jan 2003


  spikeychris 18:28 02 Jan 2003

You could un-install then re-install with the latest driver click here;jsessionid=JMB4YHNFGRJRXQEXGRMEOSQ?reg=&cc=&prodId=hpdeskjet388629&lc=en&softitem=Microsoft%20Windows%2098&sw_lang=en


  spikeychris 18:30 02 Jan 2003
  spikeychris 18:32 02 Jan 2003
  Elrond 16:35 03 Jan 2003

I just had another go at printing a photo but got the same illegal operation mesage. I immediately tried again and got a message saying that there wasn't enough memory to print this document close any unused applications. Now i only had Photoshop open, do you people think that it is probably photoshop hogging all the resources. My Dad's PC has 192MB RAM. I didn't get chance to check cos I only though of it when i was driving home and haven't been back to me Dad's yet.

  Elrond 16:49 03 Jan 2003

any thoughts?

  Elrond 19:20 03 Jan 2003

Just popped back to me dad's and unistalled the software and drivers and re-installed. Then tried to print in Microsoft photo editor which was automatically brought up when i clicked the image i wanted to print. I hit print and the printer startd to work. It then printed a 1/4 of the image and then cut out saying the computer is trying to send data to the device but its not working(somthing to this effect anyway). So i unplugged and plugged in the printer cable. Hit print and it printed over 1/2 the image and then the same message but this time with the illegal operation message i previously stated, but no mention of not enough system memory to print just the invalid page fault thing. I really need some advice here guys, i really feel sorry for my dad cos, no word of a lie, everything he gets to do with his PC goes wrong.

  Elrond 20:30 03 Jan 2003

I take it this problem has you all stumped. Is it a first?

  recap 20:40 03 Jan 2003

Elrond, there's always a first time for everything but, in my experience when a printer is not working correctly I would first of all check all the cabling is secure. unistall the printer and then reinstall, checking whether the printer needed to be plugged in first or after the software was installed.

If that doesn't do the trick get the latest drivers.

Check that the port is working correctly or, even try another port.

Post back if more help is required.

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